September 22, 2023
smoothie blender

When you are a fan of fruits and vegetables, the smoothie becomes almost a must. Indeed, in addition to preserving the maximum of nutrients, this device saves us time when preparing our fruits. However, like most household appliances, the diversity of models on the market makes choosing the best quite complicated. Hence our interest in carrying out this comparison on the best smoothie blender mixer 2022 to help you in this direction.

4 – Bosch MMB42G0B Silentmixx Blender

The Bosch MMB42G0B Silentmixx Blender is equipped with a 700 to 800 watt motor that operates silently. It incorporates a bowl specially designed for your fruit and vegetable preparations. This allows you to prepare and enjoy all your fresh smoothies with ease.

With its innovative EasyClick blade system, this Bosch is as easy to clean as it is to use. Indeed, it mixes the ingredients quickly and finely. In addition, it has an intelligent locking system that allows the blade to be removed quickly after each use. Then, it can be cleaned either by hand or in the dishwasher.

It is also observed that this culinary Swiss army knife has a premium, thick-walled ThermoSafe glass bowl. As a result, it holds up well to iced and hot drinks. In other words, you won’t have a chance of breaking the glass.

3 – Philips HR3653/00 Metal Blender

The Philips HR3653/00 Metal incorporates ProBlend 6 3D technology which allows you to mix the ingredients of your smoothie in a fine way. Thus, the nutrients located in the cellular structure of fruits, nuts and vegetables are released to be better absorbed by the body. Indeed, it has been proven that it allows users to increase their share of fruits and vegetables in their diets.

Also, this robot has a power of 1400 watts with a speed that can go up to 35,000 revolutions per minute. Thus, you will be able to obtain smoothies and any other preparations mixed in a perfect texture and taste.

As for its maintenance, you can put all the detachable parts of this Blender in your dishwasher and have no fear. However, with the exception of all of its blades, which are easily rinsed under running water and by hand.

2 – Duronic BL1200 Stainless Steel Blender

This Blender model has a tritan carafe. It is stronger and lighter than other materials. As a result, it is more resistant to shocks. In addition, this carafe is in the 1.8 L! Thus, it is suitable for both small and large preparations. Something to delight your family and your guests at the same time.

This device has several functions like the Smoothie Function. The latter allows you to make smoothies, vegetable and fruit juices, milkshakes, coulis, protein drinks and others in a simple and effective way. As a reminder, these preparations allow you to fill up with nutrients that the body needs.

The Duronic Blender incorporates 4 multidirectional stainless steel blades. In other words, we have two blades pointing down to scrape up any ingredients that get stuck. Two more blades pointing up to create centrifugal force. This offers an optimal mix of your different ingredients.

1 – Moulinex Easy Soup Stainless Steel Heated Blender LM841B10

Thanks to its simple and intuitive LED interface, the Moulinex Easy Soup Heating Blender makes it easy to use for all daily preparations. Indeed, in just 2 clicks, you can start a culinary program of your choice and the Easy Soup takes care of all the rest. Cool isn’t it? This is the reason why many people consider it the best Blender smoothie blender 2022.

In addition, the LM841B10 stainless steel Easy Soup Blender offers up to 4 automatic cooking programs, from 4 to 25 minutes. Thus, you will be able to make your soups with pieces, your soups, your compotes and all the preparation mixes. This is the case for cocktails, smoothies, and many more. In addition, thanks to its double wall, it allows a secure grip, even during operation. Thus, you will not run any risk of burns.

This mixer machine will make you enjoy its ultra easy cleaning. This is made possible through its automatic cleaning program. Finally, it comes with a book of 30 easy-to-make recipes for all seasons.

In conclusion, what is the best Blender smoothie mixer 2022

The Blender mixer has the role of mixing, mincing, crushing and grinding food. This facilitates their preparations and makes it possible to obtain delicious smoothies or homemade fruit juices. It is a robot that finds its place in all kitchens in the same way as the yogurt maker.

It saves time for a perfect result. For this, research is necessary in order to find the right device. In this case, our team got down to this task by carrying out checks and analyzes on different models.

The results show that the best blender smoothie 2022 is the Easy Soup stainless steel LM841B10. It is clear that this robot has exceptional qualities, but will not be able to correspond to everyone. So that everyone can find the device that meets their needs, we have put together a comprehensive buying guide.