September 25, 2023
wide hips

Do you have wide hips and do you find this complex on a daily basis? Petite, thin, round, in H or V silhouette … Each morphology has its small and complex flaws. Women who have an A or 8 silhouettes have this particularity: wide hips and a more or less marked waist. If this characteristic is judged as ultra-feminine and curvaceous, when it comes to getting dressed, this can cause some problems. Complex, unsuitable clothing size… So how do you dress when you have wide hips?

A-shaped silhouettes

Small shoulders and bust and wider hips? You have an A or pyramid silhouette! Your biggest complex is your hips, which seem disproportionate to your upper body. Your mission: to make you forget their width to feel better about yourself.

To dress, you have to focus on the upper body and re-harmonize everything. Ruffled shirts, printed tops, marked shoulders… The goal is to balance the volumes.

At the bottom, you still keep your femininity by skillfully covering the curves without hiding them! High -waisted jeans will mark the waist by sculpting the hips. But be careful: avoid slims and skinny jeans that accentuate the roundness of your hips by molding the pelvis and thighs. Instead, we choose a straight cut, mom jeans or flared legs to standardize. In skirts, we prefer trapeze shapes that will mark the waist but flare out without suffocating the hips. Don’t hesitate to show off your beautiful legs!

A ruffled top that gives volume to the chest

Considered the most harmonious and feminine look, the 8 silhouette consists of a marked waist, shoulders as wide as the hips and generous shapes. But while this figure represents the ideal woman, those who own it often struggle to dress their prominent hips. It’s not easy to find flattering pieces when designers create clothes for more skinny silhouettes than yours.

To highlight your morphology, opt for fitted clothes that mark the waist and highlight the angles (shoulders and pelvis). Anything baggy will add a few extra pounds. In a shirt, for example, highlight your chest, your straight shoulders and your waist with a piece that fits the shapes. Avoid clothes that accentuate the width of your hips: pleats, horizontal patterns, or pockets. As for skirts, dare everything but favor high waists to refine your silhouette and skater skirt cuts, very flattering and feminine.

You are lucky because your morphology in 8 allows you to dare to wear femme fatale outfits. But to avoid falling into vulgarity avoid combining tight clothing + neckline + short.

What to avoid wearing when you have wide hips

Materials to avoid when you have wide hips: anything that is elastic is really not flattering for your morphology in 8. Avoid stretch or lycra.

The cuts to avoid when you have wide hips: carrot pants, low- wasted skirt, layering pieces… Obviously, anything that can accentuate the width of your pelvis without highlighting your waist is a risky bet.

High heels to hide her wide hips

We told you about it in the article on the high-cut swimsuit: the longer the leg seems, the less the hips seem wide. Since you certainly won’t be walking down the street in a bikini, lengthening your leg will have to go through the shoe. And for that, nothing better than a pair of high heels to elongate the leg and refine the silhouette.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be perched on stilts to say goodbye to your wide hip complex. This trick works with heels of at least 5 centimeters.