March 4, 2024
hybrid mattress

Choosing your mattress is never an easy task! It is generally necessary to take into account several parameters such as age, morphology, state of health… For some people, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find the best model despite the incessant innovations. Which led to the invention of the hybrid mattress.

Also called “universal mattress”, it is a type of intelligent mattress that adapts to everyone. Yes, you read that right; a hybrid mattress is designed to satisfy everyone by adapting to their needs. Discover our comparison of the best hybrid mattress 2022 to choose the model that will make you proud.

1 – Kescas Hybrid Mattress

This Kescas Hybrid Mattress is a new model that overcomes many problems such as humidity due to sweat, exaggerated rebounds… For this, it incorporates an innovative design technology that gives it unparalleled qualities. We think of its memory foam which adapts to your morphology, its absorption of rebounds which prevents disturbances when you are two in bed, its luxurious finishes…

In the market, this brand has already proven itself and continues to assert its superiority with high-end products at medium prices. Therefore, if you want to pleasantly transform your nights without breaking the bank, this is the best deal. We also like its breathable system that avoids moisture while maximizing comfort. The only downside is that it is a bit heavy and difficult to install.

2 – Galicia mattress Hybrid

The French manufacturer Sensor eve has a good track record in quality products. This is the case once again with this hybrid mattress made up of pocket springs that offer optimal comfort. These are covered by a layer of memory foam which allows the mattress to adapt to your morphology and your weight. If you sweat at night, the breathability of this jewel will take care of wicking away moisture. Cool, isn’t it? And that’s not all…

If we like this model, it’s also for its ability to control all the pressure points to offer you a unique experience. If you are a nature protector, you will love this hybrid mattress for its ecological design without toxic materials. The icing on the cake, these design materials allow you to keep it for several years and benefit from unparalleled comfort.

3 – SIMBA Hybrid Queen Mattress

The special thing about the Hybrid with Simba branding is that you don’t have to choose between springs and foam. Generally, this manufacturer goes the extra mile to give you an enviable feel without compromise. Whether you’re fat, skinny, or even obese, you’ll find pleasure in this mattress. It also deflects gravity to give you the best.

If we made it the second choice in this comparison on the best hybrid mattress 2022 , it is above all for its pure foam that cares about nature. We also like its shape memory side which adapts to your weight and your morphology for better nights. Ideal for fans of balanced hardness mattresses, you will love this model. We deplore its slightly expensive price compared to the model of the same range.

4 –Elekctra Hybrid Mattress

In the first position of this ranking, we have a jewel from the Sensoreve house. Like its predecessor, it is the perfect expression of quality at a low price. Regarding its characteristics, we especially like its pocket springs which allow the mattress to breathe, its shape memory foam which adapts to your morphology, its balanced firmness… If you sleep with your partner, this is the mattress must-have hybrid.

In France, it is one of the most appreciated and recommended models on the market. It does not contain any toxic substances and is designed to last for several years. Once installed, it will become your best ally as it has already done with its former users. You will also love its finishes which make it a luxurious mattress. Only downside, some heavy people find it too soft.

Who is a hybrid mattress intended for?

As we said above, the hybrid mattress is not aimed at a particular type of person. According to its design, it is intended to be universal and conducive to a fulfilling sleep despite the varied demands. Ideal for couples who have different morphologies, people over 100 kg, those who are hot at night…

If this mattress is so versatile, it’s for its appeal of hybrids that combine the best of each classic model. We can therefore say that it is a summary of all the good mattresses available. With it, sleepers are always satisfied after each sleep. Consider trying it out if your current mattress doesn’t suit you, it’s cheaper.

How to choose the best hybrid mattress according to your needs?

The choice of a hybrid mattress must above all be based on your priorities. In other words, you need to analyze your needs and choose the foam that meets your requirements as much as possible. To help you make this choice, here are some things to consider before buying.

Your sleeping position

One of the most important criteria for choosing your hybrid mattress is your sleeping position. Here, if you are a stomach or back sleeper, you need something firmer and harder. On the other hand, if you sleep on your side, a significant thickness would suit you better. Although most 2022 hybrid mattresses allow you to find satisfaction regardless of your sleeping position, you should not neglect this parameter.

Mattress material and comfort

Most 2022 hybrid mattresses are made with solid materials, but they are not equal. Generally, each manufacturer chooses a material for a specific reason. This sometimes affects the comfort offered. Therefore, before buying your hybrid mattress, it is important to check the material that composes it. If it offers the performance and durability you are looking for, you can checkout. If not, move on to the next model or manufacturer.

Mattress temperature regulation

One of the causes of the heat during your sleep is the quality of the mattress that receives you. That’s why, if you don’t like this condition, changing the type of mattress can help you sleep better. Our advice here is to opt for a hybrid mattress that helps you regulate your body temperature during the night. For this, a model with minimum heat accumulation is preferred. Likewise, avoid those that are memory foam and too soft, as they make it less easy for your body to breathe.

The level of firmness of the mattress

There are no criteria that influence the comfort offered by a mattress better than its firmness. For some people, soft mattresses are more comfortable than hard mattresses. For others, it’s just the opposite. Hence the importance of checking the hardness of your foam before purchasing. If you have trouble deciding, a premium hybrid mattress can help you overcome this problem. This is explained by the fact that it is both of good firmness, but also because it is able to adapt to your weight and find the ideal firmness.

Sleeping independence

If you are a couple and you share the same bed with your spouse, you are surely uncomfortable when he turns during the night. It’s normal; nobody likes to be disturbed in their sleep. Fortunately, hybrid mattresses solve this problem with their sleeping independence technology. In other words, they limit the spread of movements to the area concerned. Here, the trick is simply to opt for a model that has a good ability to limit the spread of movements if you do not sleep alone in your bed.