September 22, 2023
turtleneck sweater

In freezing winter and working from home, sweaters are the timeless all-purpose pieces to have in your male wardrobe. But beware, we do not choose just any. Warmer and more comfortable than any shirt, knitted sweaters allow you to maintain a good dose of elegance even outside the office. Of course, they are not all the same: the most refined and versatile of them all? Turtleneck sweater for men!

No winter garment is as chic as the turtleneck sweater. And there are so many models and ways to wear it that it’s really a shame to have only one. Here are the tips for combining the men’s turtleneck sweater with style in 2022, whatever the occasion!

The turtleneck sweater for men that comes out of the suit or the blazer is the height of chic. It’s hard to find a more sophisticated look than this. It’s also the perfect style for a video call, as well as in the office or on a special occasion. Choose a thin, form-fitting turtleneck sweater as a substitute for the shirt. In case you still don’t know how to dress for the upcoming holiday season, here’s an idea that will work every time.

The total black look

The black turtleneck sweater for men is an essential element to have absolutely in the winter wardrobe. How to combine it? Simple: the coolest look is 100% black. For this, you only need black pants or jeans . And of course, don’t skimp on the shoes. This year’s trend is obviously lace-up or amphibious military boots.

The colorful sweater with sneakers

The turtleneck sweater for men is a very versatile garment, and in fact it is perfect even in the most casual looks. For this, it is better to focus on a colorful or printed model with an oversized cut, to wear with sneakers for a cool look.

Over shirt + turtleneck

Want a trendy look with the turtleneck sweater? For Fall/Winter 2021/2022, the combo to try is the one made up of the flannel over shirt and jeans. Super cool and adapted to the temperatures!

With a contrasting down jacket

Well yes: the turtleneck sweaters for men is the surprise asset to immediately make the sports down jacket more elegant. The proof with this pretty everyday look!