April 12, 2024
denim jumpsuit

If you’re the type to stand for long minutes in front of your wardrobe every morning with zero inspiration for dressing, we have the solution: the jumpsuit. But not just any! In 2021, the denim jumpsuit and dungarees are making a strong comeback thanks to our obvious love for retro trends. Overalls style, vintage look or downright chic (yes it’s possible), we give you all the keys to master the denim jumpsuit!

The chic jumpsuit

Despite its blue work look, the denim jumpsuit knows how to be ultra chic, like any other piece in your wardrobe. Forget its denim fabric and take the opportunity to break the codes. On the program: a pair of pumps, a luxury bag and of course: a designer buckle belt.  This outfit, however simple, becomes a perfect set for the days when you have to put on your 31 without overdoing it, like a small wedding between friends for example! Remember that accessories are everything.

The classic denim overalls

Is there anything more practical than denim overalls? Worn with a pair of trainers, a t-shirt or a sweater depending on the weather, it’s never a bad idea for a casual weekend look. To choose the right denim overalls, make sure they fall in the back and around the hips. When you try it on, also do some kneeling movements to check that you are comfortable in it. Finally, the suspenders must be perfectly adjusted so that the overalls are neither too loose nor too short at the crotch.

A cowgirl look

Everyone knows that denim is the favorite material of adventurers in the far west. That’s why pairing the jumpsuit trend with the boots and western hat trend is never a bad idea!

Vintage-style overalls

Just take a look at all the shots below to realize that the denim overalls and jumpsuit are extra vintage pieces. To find the cozy spirit of this look, no need to look for lunch to two o’clock! You need: a slightly loose denim jumpsuit rolled up at the ankles, a thin, tight sweater to slip under and vintage sneakers or platform derbies for a touch of punk. That’s it!