May 22, 2024
hair clip

It seemed impossible, but yet… the hair clip is back in fashion. You know that kitschy plastic clip that you only wear at home so you don’t get your hair wet in the shower! From the heads of Britney Spears and Sarah Jessica Parker in the 90s, it is reappearing in the hair of the coolest stars and influences of 2021 in a chic version.

In English, it is called claw clip or hair pin, but whatever its definition, its shape is always the same: a spring butterfly look. The purpose of this accessory? Gather the hair at the nape of the neck while letting the lengths fall (if you have any). Until not so long ago, it was use more for taking a shower or cleaning the house.

A kitsch accessory that is back in fashion

Today, the hair clip has two faces: a vintage accessory that delights fans of the nineties, as well as a practical gadget for styling hair extremely quickly at home. Credit goes above all to the stars who have given new dignity to the hair clip: from Bella Hadid to Kaia Gerber via Hailey Bieber , all have turned to the easy-chic clip so popular in the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s.

The hair clip, more glamorous than ever

No need for too flashy accessories to sublimate the hairstyle: the classic model in glittery plastic, black or tortoiseshell remains super chic. For those who want to dare to go further, the colorful butterfly hair clips is ideal for a street wear look that does not go unnoticed. Much more than an accessory for desperate housewives, the hair clips has never been so fashionable!