September 28, 2023
maxi dress

A key piece for sunny days, we love the long maxi dress in all its forms and in all styles. And good news, the long dress is also an ideal piece in mid-season because it is light but covering at the same time. Practical, we take it out for a formal occasion, a trip to town or an afternoon in the park. Another quality: the large size long dress is a safe bet for those who want to hide some curves. We should all have at least one in our closets.

Very simple, ornamented, embroidered, in a patchwork version… Like the jumpsuit, you put it on in a few seconds and it immediately sets the tone. Bohemian, chic, rustic or ultra-modern long dress… During confinement, it became our favorite outfit. We put it on quickly to go shopping and get some fresh air for 20 minutes outside to change from the house tracksuit. But how to wear the maxi dress with style?

The long bohemian dress

Romantic, embroidered, floral… The bohemian version of the long dress is one of the easiest to find on the market. But above all, it is one of the most desirable at the arrival of spring and autumn. We love its vaporous fabric and all in transparency. The long summer dress is more white or ecru with lace or knitting, to follow the seventies trends that are sweeping fashion. In mid-season, it takes colors either bright for spring, or darker with the arrival of winter. Associated with accessories of the same tone, it retains its bucolic accent, like a breath of fresh air to the city. Our advice for wearing the long bohemian dress in style? Pair it with a pair of western boots and a super trendy wide-brimmed hat this season.

The chic maxi dress

The chic long dress is an essential for your formal evenings. This is perfect for candlelit dinners or events where you need to show off your best. We always love the long flowing dress so that it twirls elegantly around our legs. Difficult to plan night outings at the moment but let’s keep hope. In summer, we avoid choosing black in favor of a more daring color like dark orange which sublimates tanned skin. In the fall, we move on to more formal models that we could also wear for a winter wedding. To make it even more chic, we turn to minimalist jewelry but with impeccable gilding.

The maxi knit dress

Looking for THE spring 2022 dress? Stop here, we found. The knit dress is the guarantee of a sophisticated but relaxed look at the same time. We love it because it flatters all figures and allows you to stay well covered in the morning and in the evening, when the temperatures drop. To wear the knit dress well, opt for amphibious boots by day and minimalist strappy sandals by night.