September 28, 2023
leather leggings

One thing is clear: leather leggings are hot and damn sexy – whether it’s faux or real leather. But like all the other most extravagant pieces of a dressing room, leather leggings have their own rules. How to wear it, take care of it and match it? Stylight tells you all about this essential feminine basic.

Put on your leather leggings

Anyone who owns leather leggings (whether real or synthetic leather) knows what we’re talking about: due to the rather resistant material, getting into the pants can be time-consuming and a real ordeal. To avoid ending up in a sweat, start by sprinkling talcum powder on your legs. Baby powder absorbs oil and moisture from the skin, so the pants glide better. To prevent sweating in leather leggings, there are also cooling powders with menthol that keep your skin cool.

How to clean your leather leggings

Genuine Leather Leggings: If dirt is only on the outside, simply wipe the pants with a damp cloth and mild soap, and then dry them. Then you can let the pants air out at room temperature. Finally rub a little leather balm, it’s done! But if your pants are really dirty and there’s just no way to get around the washing machine, do the following: Use only mild detergent. Choose the washing temperature at 30°C and do not use the spin cycle. After washing, turn the pants inside out and hang them on the belt loops for it to dry in order to avoid the appearance of bumps or creases. Be sure to hang the pants in a warm, well-ventilated place and protect them from direct sunlight. When the pants are dry, rub them with a leather balm and they will be as good as new.

Faux Leather Leggings: Like all other faux leather products, you should turn your faux leather legging inside out to wash them to avoid scratches.  Unlike genuine leather, artificial leather can usually be wrung out and come out wrinkle-free. If you are unsure, just look at the label.

Additional Tips for Genuine Leather Leggings

Eliminate creases: If you want to eliminate annoying creases in your pants, you can simply iron them by placing a piece of thick paper over the crease and turning the iron setting to the lowest setting.

Scratches:  Simply rub it in with body lotion. Because yes, body lotion is not only good for human skin, but also for leather which is – remember – skin too. To do this, simply spread a small drop on the affected area and rub it in carefully with a soft cloth.