December 1, 2023
matcha cookies

So happy to be back here with a brand new recipe to share. My fad of the moment? Cookies: I’m crazy about them! And the thicker and greedier they are, the more I like them! But let’s be honest, there are matcha cookies recipes all over the internet, in books and on the networks.

But do you often see green cookies? Much rarer and yet so good! Here is my very simple decadent version of matcha cookies to discover through this article. And with the rain, the daily bad weather and the freshness of autumn which is gradually setting in, it’s the perfect time to get started and enjoy wonders that will lift your spirits!



1 – Start the recipe by cutting thebutter at room temperatureinto small pieces in a salad bowl. You can put it in the microwave for a few seconds, just to soften it enough. The goal is for it to be as malleable as possible, without becoming liquid either.

2 – Then add thetwo types of sugarto the butter and mix with a wooden spoon until you obtain a fairly compact paste, grainy with the sugar, but homogeneous.

3 – Then addwhole eggs, then mix vigorously. Here, a good whip, see a robot is appreciated to do the job. Yes, yes, for my part, as you can see, I struggled until the end with my wooden spoon for the mixture. At least I can tell you that I made my arms haha.

4 – At this stage, we addall the dry ingredientsof our recipe, starting with theflour.

If you have a robot, no need to ask questions, just put the entire amount of flour requested in our preparation and launch the robot. But if, like me, your only weapons are your wooden spoon and your manual whisk, then I advise you to add your flour up to 100g each time and mix little by little!

– We then incorporate the cornstarch, the bicarbonate, the vanilla yeast (or sachet of yeast and vanilla sugar separated according to what we have), and the pinch of salt.

5 – So we come to the stage of our secret ingredient, which will make all the difference:matcha.

For the record, did you know that matcha is the only tea in the world to come on the market in the form of powder directly and not leaves? But the challenge here knows how to choose the right matcha to make beautiful pastries like here.

Indeed, we distinguish in the trade the special tasting matcha tea, called “ceremonial” tea intended for the preparation of its drinking tea and the cooking matcha , to make ice cream, cakes or to add to its dishes.

For my part, I found my special kitchen matcha tea bag on Amazon right here: Matcha kitchen tea . This is a 100g bag from the “Naturale Bio” brand, which I found to be of very good quality and which I recommend. It costs almost 13€, but since you need a very small quantity each time, it quickly pays for itself.

– Then just mix the amount of powder needed for our preparation, until the dough is smooth and uniformly green.

6 – Who says cookies, says chocolate of course!

So we draw our best nuggets and we have fun with the quantity. Either we are brave and we make the nuggets ourselves by hand with a tablet, or we take a ready-made bag of nuggets to add to the dough. I had a bag of 3 chocolate nuggets, yum!

7 – We move on to the final step before baking: form the balls of cookies. To have big thick and soft cookies, the goal of the game will be to succeed in forming thick but above all high, so that when cooked, they do not flatten completely.

My little gourmet tip? As you can see in the photos, I love adding 2 large squares of praline chocolate to the center of the balls, to have a slightly melting effect in the middle of the matcha cookies after baking. To tell you the truth, I even add small bits of praline on top of the balls, when I find that the nuggets are not apparent enough haha.

IMPORTANT: If you make this recipe at a time when it is particularly hot, you will surely notice that the time to prepare the different balls, the dough can quickly become sticky. If this is the case, do not hesitate to let your dumplings rest in the fridge for 1h/2h before cooking them. This will allow the cookies to have a better shape/consistency.

8 – It’s time to bake your cookies! For my part, I try to distance them well on the plate, to prevent them from touching and sticking to each other during cooking. So I make batches of 6 balls of cookie dough, at the rate of 2 to 3 batches in all.

For my part, I have a small countertop oven, which is therefore a little less powerful than a conventional oven. So I preheat my oven to 250° and bake at the same temperature for 10 to 12 minutes.

But for a more powerful oven, baking at 210° is enough to obtain the perfect result!

Good hot cookies!

– All you have to do is enjoy yourself! Enjoy them hot or cold according to your convenience. I admit that in the family we are quite greedy, so we tend to eat them still lukewarm haha.

In addition, when they are still fresh, the heart is still melting thanks to its large chocolate chips, happiness. Then discover this light fresh taste of matcha which brings its originality to cookies, creating a truly unique experience in the mouth! You just have to test 🙂