May 22, 2024
pop socket

Here I am again today to tell you about my latest discovery: the POP SOCKET. An innovative and original Smartphone accessory, which I can’t live without! Why?

Quite simply because in addition to having an object completely personalize to my liking, it really makes the daily use of my laptop easier for me.

The funniest thing about it all? A small promo code awaits you at the end of the article 🙂

But concretely what is a Pop socket?

It’s a small mouthpiece that sticks like a suction cup to the back of your phone or tablet, 5mm thick, and can stretch to two different notches, so that fully open it forms a kind of small handle, which can be grasped.

Here below is a small overview of the different stages of the opening of the Pop socket.

– The first stage of opening is mainly use to store your headphones by wrapping them all around. I don’t know about you, but I totally approve of the idea. It’s the ideal solution to have our headphones to hand whenever you want to use them, while having the possibility of storing them carefully, without them getting tangle. Undoubtedly a function that will appeal to many of you and me the first to be honest 🙂

– The second and last stage of opening of this little magic object is certainly the one that interests me the most. Indeed, having an I Phone 6 +, I quite regularly have trouble handling my phone correctly due to its very large size. Worst of all is when I try to take selfies, a real hassle to hold my phone without dropping it…

It is on this point that the Pop socket has revolutionized my daily life and the way I hold my phone, I can’t do without it. Thanks to it, no need to stabilize my laptop from below with my fingers so that it doesn’t fall, just grab the Pop with two fingers and take a nice picture!! As soon as you no longer use it, you just have to retract it on itself.

> On the photos, I stuck it directly on the back surface of the iPhone, but no worries, it holds just as well on a shell.

> We could also ask quite legitimate questions about the effectiveness of tights, but believe me, I who had some reservations about this, for fear that my laptop would fall to the ground, I completely changed my mind , after doing several tests by shaking my laptop very vigorously by the handle. Amazing result: not the slightest clue showing any desire for the Pop socket to come off ha-ha!

Subsequently I had confirmation from the brand’s team that the gel they use guarantees an impeccable hold, to allow the Pop to be stuck and unglued more than a hundred times, before seeing the first signs of weakness. pantyhose. The main thing is to be careful not to leave it out in the open for too long when changing.

> FYI, it can also be use as a support for your phone , to place it upright on a table and be able to watch its videos, without having to hold it.

> As I told you above, the cool side of this object is that in addition to being practical, you have the possibility of customizing the external round surface, as you wish, on their website Pop . Indeed the site offers all kinds of illustrations, each one more beautiful than the other, so do not hesitate to go and see.