April 16, 2024
eyelash lift

My little ritual every summer for the past few years has been to go to an institute to have my eyelash lift so that I don’t have to wear make-up on vacation, while still having beautiful, well-curved eyelashes. So I thought it was time to tell you a bit about my experiences and my opinion on this service in general.

This time, my choice turned to a Parisian beauty salon, located within the legendary Harcourt Photo Studio. I booked my appointment through the Treat well platform, which offers many discounts on prices.

I had never been there and the place is really great. As soon as you enter, you are treated to a majestic stone and wrought iron staircase, accompanied by its flamboyant red carpet. A superb portrait of Karl Lagerfeld, as well as a charming hostess, welcome us and we have the possibility of waiting for the time of his appointment, on a large, super comfortable sofa.

What is eyelash lift?

Concretely, for those who are not at all familiar with the lifting method, it is a sort of perm for the eyelashes which allows you to have a perfect curvature, for about 4 to 6 weeks depending on the person.

We often hear about eyelash extensions in recent months. But for my part, I’m much more of a fan of enhancement because at least you have a stunning result without adding false eyelashes, so there’s a lot less maintenance to provide.

Honestly, I recommend this service for all those who, like me, naturally have stiff, even droopy eyelashes, because if what you are looking for is volume, the lift will not really have an effect on you. In these cases, you will have to opt for an extension instead.

The Brow Studio

Anna, the eye specialist who takes care of us in the Studio is very smiling and professional. I really liked the attention to detail she showed in her work. The room where she installs us really lives up to the prestige of the place, as you can see in the photos below.

The course of the treatment

To begin, we lie down and we remove make -up and clean the eyelash lift perfectly. Then, she examines the length of our eyelashes, in order to be able to choose the size of the silicone pad that will be used to curl our eyelashes. There are 3 different sizes: small, medium and large.

Then comes the delicate step of attaching the eyelashes to the pad. For this, she uses a natural and non-harmful glue and sticks each of our eyelashes one by one, covering them with a softening product, so that they take the desired shape. The smell of the product is not necessarily very pleasant, but remains largely bearable. After 15 minutes of exposure, she removes the purple product that you can see in the photo below.

Then, we come to apply the last product, blue this time; which is intend to fix the result over the long term. We leave on for another 15 minutes, then we just have to rinse.

It is advisable not to rub your eyes or get them wet for at least 24 hours, so as not to cancel the effects of the enhancement. Then afterwards it’s happiness for several weeks: beautiful eyelashes, without having to wear makeup.

My opinion

Let me tell you that I am a real fan of this method. It has now become a habit every summer to make myself a lift. I find that it really opens my eyes, and that it gives me doe eyes without any effort, while remaining natural, without mascara.

The only drawback in my opinion remains the price, because I have never paid less than 60€ for this service in the institutes and there as I had added an eyelash tint and that in addition I was doing my treatment in a mythical place , recognized for its quality, it was more expensive, and it cost me 90€.

In terms of duration, for me, the effects start to fade after 3, 4 weeks in general.

Before after

In short, I really have good memories of this experience. Especially since Anna was kind enough to introduce me to the place afterwards. It was quite magical, so I am happy to share with you some shots that I had the chance to take.