September 25, 2023
combat boots

Comfortable, stylish, versatile, timeless… combat boots are once again making a comeback and this time the trend is here to stay! Lovers of the military style therefore rejoice at the idea of ​​putting on their lace-up boots. Sty light has looked into the phenomenon and shows you why we’ll all be wearing army boots this fall!

Military boots are super stylish

Of course, a pair of square-heeled ankle boots is a class must-have. But we want to shake up the codes a bit and wear accessories that immediately bring a look to life. This is where army boots come in: with their chunky soles and laces, they come in total opposition to the season’s trendy clothes, namely the little flowery dresses and the bourgeois look. And this is where we validate the association of the two! The game of contrasts brings a whole new dimension to a look that could have been cutesy.

All-purpose boots

combat boots

Like the classic, more casual ankle boots, military boots can easily be combined with your looks, despite their very marked style. Leather shorts, carrot jeans and even a sportswear outfit… army boots aren’t just for cargo pants!

Comfortable boots

One thing is certain: the more fashion evolves, the more it tends towards comfort. If heels are still so popular, on a daily basis we would like to be able to be trendy without constantly having sore feet. That’s why flat shoes are so popular. The army boots offer the comfort of a raised but flat sole and the style of its super hot lacing.

The new style of army boots

The 2022 decade will be strongly marked by street style from Asia. Bold, colorful clothes paired with original pieces like leather harnesses… Fashionistas from Japan, China and South Korea aren’t afraid to dare to wear looks straight out of music videos on a daily basis. As a result, the military boot finds a second wind by being sometimes associated with sportswear, sometimes with a more punk rock style.