September 25, 2023
plaid shirt

This fall, get ready to live in checks. The plaid shirt is adorned with its most beautiful pattern to be both chic and relaxed. Gone is the fitted blouse, make way for a looser, more relaxed piece, with a grungy feel that you can wear at work or on weekends. Sty light tells you all about the 2020 version of the checked shirt!

The grunge spirit of the checkered shirt

One thing is certain; the plaid shirt will not be bourgeois this year. On the contrary, we wear it loose, open on the clothes and with this grunge spirit that suits it so well. From dark to bright colors, to make a trendy contrast, combine your plaid shirt with a little lace dress and military boots. The knit crop top and the carrot jeans are also good elements to combine with the plaid shirt!

The plaid shirt is everywhere

Seen all summer on the beach to put on over the swimsuit, the white shirt gives way to the checkered version for the fall. Fresh, comfortable and full of resources, we like it in a rock version but also in a more chic style.

With a mid-length skirt, the checked shirt offers an interesting contrast between the very elegant look of the bottom and the more relaxed effect of the top. You can tuck it into the skirt or, on the contrary, wear it open over a white tank top and tied on the stomach.