April 13, 2024
cropped blazer

After years of dictatorship of the 80s/90s style long blazer, we are finally giving way to freshness. Attention, no question of getting rid of his XXL blazer that we still wear with pleasure. Just, we change a little register with the mini version. The cropped blazer stands out, along with other cropped jackets, as a back-to-school must-have, and here’s how to wear it!

The short blazer, what is it exactly?

Be careful, we are not talking about a classic cut blazer but the opposite of the long blazer! The short suit jacket stops at the waist, before the hips. Its cut is rather wide at the shoulders but straight on the rest of the body, even almost androgynous. Like South Korean actress Lee Joo-Young, we take on the look of an 80s star with a 2022 sauce.

The short blazer is like the long version, a versatile piece. We’ve seen it worn with a set, but it also adapts with more sporty clothes like this neon top which gives it a touch of unexpected pep. Another possibility: jeans or a mini skirt which immediately rejuvenates the style.

Who can wear the cropped blazer?

Unlike the long blazer which could be difficult to wear without a belt if you had wide hips, the short blazer sculpts the silhouette to perfection. With a cut that stops at the waist, it marks your hips to create an elegant hourglass. The wide shoulders structure the bust and as the cropped blazer adapts to all styles, it’s really the go-to back-to-school ally.