April 13, 2024

The hoodie may have had a bad reputation in the past, it must be said that if we imagine a thief or a thug, it is with this type of clothing that we will see it. But today in 2022, the hoodie, called hoodie by Americans, is a much easier garment to wear today and in several types of outfits. The purpose of this article is to show you that there are different types of hoodies, just like there are different types of men. Moreover, you certainly did not miss this photo of Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic who wears a hoodie.

The hoodie is a basic in both male and female dressing today. Why ? Because fashion has appropriated this garment over the last decade. The hoodie has gone from the uniform of angry teenagers to the item most likely to cover the backs of well-dressed men.

The origin of the hoodie

Long before being the garment of hoodlums in dark alleys, the hoodie was the uniform of champions. Sportswear Company Champion claims to have created the world’s first hoodie in the 1930s.

This item of clothing was designed by a clothing brand that primarily targets athletes . The primary origin of the hoodie is therefore sport in order to keep athletes warm and dry in bad weather. Over the years, it’s been embraced by hip-hop culture, skateboarders, snowboarders, angry kids, college students, startups replicating Mark Zuckerberg’s model, and more.

The men’s hoodie in 2022

Today, if the hoodie is so popular, it is not to please sportsmen. Obviously, if you are a big fan of running and sports in general, then the hoodie is certainly part of the clothes in your wardrobe. However, even non-athletes have widely adopted this garment.

This almost century-old garment is back on the front of the stage because streetwear is in the midst of a revolution. The new heavyweights of menswear (Balenciaga, Kenzo, Versace) have started to offer high-end versions of sweatshirts and hoodies in their collections. The hoodie hysteria is set to continue for some time to come.

Even beyond the urban fashion trend, there is a new trend to offer functional and practical everyday clothing for men. We then adopt minimalist, refined styles. A new type of hoodie that looks like a sweater is being born.

Here are 5 trends for wearing the hoodie

#1 The multi-layered look

The hoodie can be worn over other clothes and not be the centerpiece of your outfit. This is particularly the case with a zipped hoodie that we can leave open. So it’s easy to drop the sweatshirt during the day.

The zipped sweatshirt goes very well over a white t-shirt or over a casual shirt. You can complete this look with jeans and a pair of white sneakers. For this type of outfit where the sweatshirt is one garment among others, opt for a classic sweatshirt without a big pattern that could attract too much attention. Opt for a cashmere sweatshirt to have a fine and warm garment at the same time , it’s more elegant and it completely breaks with the streetwear atmosphere.

Who can wear this style? It’s an urban thirtysomething look that also goes well with a 50/60 year old man who wants to stay young in his style of dress.

#2 the lazy athlete look

There are outfits that are a little lazier than others. After a very exhausting sports session or when you want to put on a relaxing garment, you can think of the hoodie.

Today the era of sweatshirts with big brand logos on the chest is over, we go first and foremost on a pair of hoodies and fairly minimalist sweatpants. At the level of the cut, we go for a little wide cuts (but not too much) and a fairly heavy fabric for more quality.

It is important that the top and bottom of the outfit are match. We can stick with classic colors like grey, black, navy blue, but the best thing is to go for a little more fancy colors like beige, light pink, green.

Who can wear this style? This style is particularly suitable for the younger generation who are used to this kind of looks. However, it is not excluded to wear such a look at any age.

#3 the hoodie under a jacket

Wearing a hoodie is compatible with adding a jacket, it’s ideal for keeping warm but it can also be perfect for a biker look with a leather jacket.

The hood that stands out on a jacket brings real style to an outfit. Besides, there are models of jackets that offer a fake hood that can be zip over the jacket. The best thing is to have a real jacket that you will associate with your jacket. In winter, it can be a down jacket, and in summer – a windbreaker. The only imperative is that your jacket does not already have a hood, in which case the rendering will not be elegant at all.

The best thing is to test different colors so that the hood brings a real stylistic advantage to your outfit. Tone on tone is possible, but the result will then be very classic.

This style can work equally well in winter or spring. You just have to vary the hoodies with more or less warm models.

Who can wear this style? All men can easily adopt this look.

#4 the hoodie with pleated pants

This look is the most elegant of all , it’s about combining a hoodie with chic pants like pleated pants. The mix of styles may be surprising, but we really appreciate this way of wearing the sweatshirt with clothes originally designed for a blazer, a shirt or a suit jacket.

These looks are very popular today because fashion houses like Balenciaga led the way. This may surprise at first but it is possible to make beautiful associations. The best is to opt for a minimalist sweatshirt that is not too large in medium gray, so you can pair it with pants of the same shade or darker. To make a success of the combination of hoodie and suit pants, it is important that the 2 garments are neither too wide nor too slim. We get an elegant look with a touch of relaxation.

Who can wear this style? This trendy style will correspond more to urban men. In terms of age, the suit pants style is more suitable for men over 30 years old.

#5 the modern urban fashion sweatshirt

Finally, the last style is to wear a sweatshirt with an outfit inspired by street fashion. To achieve such a style in 2022, we swap minimalist sneakers for chunky sneakers with thick soles. The sweatshirt must have originality; we avoid models that are too classic. The fashion is for Tie & Dye gradient colors which are very colorful.

In terms of pants, black is usually a good option, it can be black jeans.

Who can wear this style? This urban style is, in priority, suitable for the younger generation, it is difficult to make this outfit compatible with a well-established professional activity.