April 13, 2024
Minecraft apk

Would you like to download Minecraft apk for free? If you end up on this page, then I assume the answer is yes. This is how this article will show you how to do it but also tell you at length about the Minecraft game in question. The Minecraft apk that you are going to download in this article is not a crack or a patch but a full and legal version of this game.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world with millions of monthly active users. This popularity is due to the game’s ability to get you hooked on the first try.

Minecraft is a game designed by the Mojang development studio and acquired by Microsoft in 2014. It is a game of the Adventure “Sandbox” genre that you can play alone (solo) or with others online (Multiplayer).

You can play Minecraft online (that is, using your browser), on your computer (under Windows 11 and earlier, under MacOS and Linux), on Android, IOS, PlayStation PS4 (and earlier versions), XBox, on Nintendo, on Wii U, …

Before showing you what to do to play Minecraft for free , know that as Minecraft is available on several platforms, this article will be frequently updated to show you how to play it for free on all platforms (On PC, Console , Navigator, …).

Here’s how to play Minecraft for free forever on any internet browser!

Presenting you the free solution that allows you to play Minecraft on a browser for free , comes from the fact that you have a browser on any device where Minecraft can be played. So thanks to this method alone, you can have access to Minecraft for free on any device with a browser.

  • Go to classic.minecraft.net.
  • Enter a username.
  • Start playing.

Download Minecraft on Windows

For now, in order to download Minecraft for free on Windows, you will be satisfied with its trial version. Here’s how to do it very easily.

  • Take your Windows PC and access the Microsoft Store through the start menu.
  • Then search for Minecraft for Windows 10 or Minecraft for Windows 11 and click on it. Otherwise, click this link.
  • To download, click on trial version.
  • If you are not logged in with your outlook address on Microsoft Store, log in now and finally start downloading.
  • Play your game during the trial period.

Now here is how to download Minecraft apk for free on Windows, MacOS and Linux

Previously, we showed you how to get Minecraft as a trial on Windows. On this point, we are now going to show you how to have it for free for life not only on Windows but also on MacOS and Linux and all this with the possibility of having Mods and Skins or even going to any online server.

  • First, start by downloading JAVA by clicking here. And install it. For the installation it’s really simple, just click on next next and you’ll be done.
  • Next you will need a Launcher which will help you launch Minecraft. There are many but we suggest you use TLOUNCHER which we tested, it only weighs 4 MB.

As you can also see, when you click on Download, you have the choice between different platforms (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

  • Once you have downloaded and installed it, launch it.
  • Enter your Nickname and if you want to use Skins, tick on accounts to create a tlauncher account. Otherwise you can start playing without an account but your options will be limited.

Ok, you have managed to have Minecraft game for free without paying anything.


In this article we have shown how to download install and launch Minecraft apk game for free. If you have any complications, please let us know in the comments.