April 16, 2024
tote bag

No more simple fabric tote bag as we saw a lot in the early 2010s! The bag is adorned with its most beautiful colors by being offered in different shapes and materials for an ever more chic look. After the dictatorship of the micro bag, we finally find an accessory in which we can store our things! Make way for the 3.0 tote bag!

Is the shopping bag trendy?

Many brands have seized on the tote bag trend to create promotional bags. As a result, we quickly found ourselves overwhelmed by these practical fabric pockets that we quickly used to store our groceries or make improvised purchases and save plastic bags.

As a result, the big brands jumped at the chance to create other trendy bags inspired by our shopping bags. Nets, PVC shopping bags, transparent handbags, wicker baskets… The housewife style is on the rise!

How to choose the right tote bag in 2022?

Exit the white fabric version! Today there are a multitude of styles to choose the right summer tote bags. The more colorful and original it is, the trendier it will be. Do not hesitate to use it as a final touch that spices up a look that is a little too simple. The No. 1 advantage of the tote bag? Its lightness and space that allows us to take the essentials with us!