December 6, 2023
celadon green

If this color is not new, it has recently made its way into our interior decorations. Very trendy in 2022, celadon green invites itself into our bedrooms, our living rooms, our kitchens, our dining rooms and even our bathrooms. Between softness and vitality, we stop today on this color: its history, how to combine it and how to use it for a trendy result, we tell you everything. 

Celadon green, what is it?

The characteristics of celadon green

Celadon green, also called “dusty green” is a mixture of bright green and light gray. If we refer to the Pantone color palette, we find it under the reference 13-6108 TCX. On the HEX color code side, it is under the references #b8ccba, #b4d3b1 or even #ace1af that it can be found. The latter have categorized it in bright grays.

To give you a clearer idea, celadon green is often confused with mint green. However, these two colors are obtained in a totally different way since the mint is obtained thanks to the addition of blue and white to the green.

The history of celadon green

It was in China that this color was born, and then representative of Asian ceramics created in the workshops of Long guan. From the 17th century, these pieces began to arrive in France. Their completely unusual and particular color gives them a strong and rapid success. The name of the color comes from the popular novel “Austere” by Honoree Urfa. Indeed, one of the characters was a shepherd who wore pale green ribbons on his suit, his name was Celadon.

The meaning of celadon green

Celadon green is a rather calm and soothing color. It is said to promote relaxation and rest . It is also conducive to concentration. Green is also known to be a color associated with life force, nature and happiness. This is why it finds a place of choice in our bedrooms and in our living rooms. Its properties also allow it to be appreciated in bathrooms or kitchens.

Celadon green, a trend of the year

What colors to associate with celadon green?

We particularly appreciate the celadon green, because it is possible to associate it with multiple colors. We will then obtain quite different styles of decoration depending on the color combinations that we make. The golden rule for making your combinations is to always try to enhance the celadon , but without drowning it out.

If you want to obtain a rather calm and classic result, you will orient yourself towards neutral tones such as white, gray, ecru, beige or black. Be careful not to abuse this last color, you will get a nice result mainly in large rooms. If, on the contrary, you want to think outside the box and get a little more rebellious interior decoration, you can combine your celadon green with pink, plum, mustard yellow or even blue .

One thing is common, whatever color you pair your celadon green with, wood and natural, light materials will be a great complement.

What styles of decoration with celadon green

This color has the enormous advantage of being able to marry with many different styles. It can be use in several types of rooms and obtain quite varied interior decorations depending on what is associate with it. However, it must still be admit that most of the decorations obtain have in common to be rather calm and soothing without denying vitality.

If you combine celadon green with white and gray and add touches of natural wood, the end result is perfect for a Scandinavian-style interior. If, on the other hand, we put white and gold with this color, we easily obtain the elegance and glamor that suit the shabby chic style. On the other hand, if we associate celadon green with black, we are right in the Art Deco style.

How to use celadon green?

Refresh the walls

This is certainly one of the most common ways to use celadon green. Indeed, applied to the walls, this color brings freshness without being too imposing. You can then choose to paint only one or two walls with this color so as not to abuse it; the other walls will then be paint in a neutral tone such as beige or white. But you can also dare the total look and paint all of your walls in this color. If you opt for the first possibility, you can also consider playing on the differences in green tones by placing armchairs or a sofa in a slightly darker green such as emerald green.

Highlight furniture

Another way to use celadon green is, on the contrary, to play on the contrast with the walls. In this case, we will rather highlight a piece of furniture by painting it with this color. Whether it’s a wardrobe, table, sofa, armchairs or bookcase, Scandinavian office, your celadon green furniture will have the advantage of being timeless, like the color. If you combine it with walls painted in lighter, neutral colors, you will get a fairly calm and soothing result. On the other hand, if you choose to paint your wall in a brighter color like plum, or mustard yellow, you will bring a boost.

Home accessories

We will not fail to finalize its decoration by adding a few accessories that will enhance the whole. Know that home textiles are excellent elements to enhance your style of interior decoration. So you can play with sheets, blankets and bedspreads in a bedroom, with towels in the bathroom, with curtains and drapes in the living room. You can also go back to the origins of celadon with a ceramic vase for flowers, or punctuate your decoration with various objects such as photos and posters, decorative figurines or carpets. The advantage is that if you get tire of celadon green, it will be relatively easy to switch to another color without undertaking major work.

Celadon is a very trendy color this year. It is suitable in the vast majority of rooms in the house and allows you to obtain different styles of interior decoration. Neutral and soothing, it is often prefer by people seeking tranquility, brightness and serenity.