March 4, 2024
marble bathroom

Are you looking to redecorate your bathroom and do you want to find a material that is both noble and robust? For the floor, the walls or even the furniture, marble is a great option. It brings elegance to your bathroom since in the past it was mainly reserve for luxurious palaces. Today, it is frequently found in this space of the house, but what are its real advantages and disadvantages? In this article, we tell you everything you need to know before deciding whether or not to put marble bathroom.

Some key facts about marble

This metamorphic rock has been use for millennia. If we look closely at a piece of marble, we will see that each end is unique. Indeed, the veins, their location and their colors are changing. This is what makes its great value, moreover in the past; its use was reserve for scar or royal constructions. The higher-end the marble, the more it tends to have even tones and less pronounced veining. The result on a floor or a wall is then rather uniform and smooth.

You should know that this material is a stone. It is rich in minerals such as iron. This is why it happens that a reaction is caused by the humidity which comes into contact with the iron contained in the marble. Discolorations may then occur.

You can easily plan to do a test to make sure that the marble you are going to lay will not react on contact with water. To do this, immerse a piece of the marble you have chosen in a bucket containing water for two days. Then, take it out, and leave it in the open air for two days. You will then see the changes appear on the marble if there are any. 

The advantages and disadvantages of marble in the bathroom

The strong points

Marble is chose above all because it represents luxury and quality. So whether we add it to our modern bathroom in small touches or whether we opt for a total look, marble will bring a significant plus both in terms of aesthetics and durability. Some say that the less the veins are apparent, the more the marble is of quality.

We also appreciate the fact that marble allows a wide choice of color, but also uses in the bathroom. Thus, in addition to the fact that each piece of this stone is different, you have the possibility of making your bathroom totally unique by choosing from colors including white, gray, black, but also blue, brown, the yellow, green, pink or red that make up the stone itself or the veins. Arrange your marble piece on the floor, as a wall decoration or as a piece of furniture. To avoid spoiling anything, the finishes for this material are numerous, so you can choose it polished, matte, raw, flamed or even bush-hammered.

Finally, if you do not want to do a total marble look, you can perfectly marry this stone with other materials. Moreover, the renderings and styles of decoration obtained are quite varied. Associated with wood, it will provide a feeling of refinement and a warm and zen atmosphere; while combining it with metal will give a modern and dynamic style to our room.

The weak spots

Marble is a relatively slippery stone. If you decide to place it on the floor, you will have to take care to choose a non-slip finish so as not to put yourself in danger, especially when getting out of the shower.

You should also know that marble is a soft stone which makes it quite permeable and sensitive to various accidents that can cause impacts or stains. As it also contains iron, it can happen, if the precautions we have mentioned above are not take, that contact with water leads to oxidation and color changes. It should be note that conventional maintenance products can damage the marble. Thus, it is preferable to avoid those based on lemon or acidic substances and thus be able to best preserve its marble.

Finally, one of the most important disadvantages of marble is the price of this material which, we recall, is noble. Thus, between the purchase of the stone and the installation, it is necessary to count between 750 and 2300 Euros per square meter. If you want to opt for a marble bathroom advantages, disadvantages total marble look, better be warned!

Marble is therefore an option worth considering depending on what you are looking for to revamp or build your bathroom. It has very nice advantages and some disadvantages that should be take into account. Note that there is synthetic marble that imitates this material quite well, but does not require the same amount of maintenance care. It can be an interesting, although less noble, alternative if you are not totally convince by natural marble.