September 25, 2023
pool house

Have you just bought a house in the countryside and are planning the improvements you will make to your land? You have just finished building your swimming pool and you want to create a space that can accommodate the technical room, but which is also a friendly and comfortable space? Choosing your pool house is sometimes more difficult than it seems, a simple shed, a modern and design swimming pool enclosure, a house extension, there is a wide possibility. In this article, we give you some food for thought to help you with this task.

What is a pool house?

This English expression means in French “pool house”. It is in fact a generally small construction, which is located near the swimming pool, so as to serve both as storage space, as a technical room and possibly as a kitchen and relaxation area. It is generally totally part of the water space and allows adding comfort, conviviality and space for leisure. Its possible to arrange them and they are generally designed to cope with the weather. In this outdoor living space, the garden furniture is sheltered from the rain, if only by its roof (pergola, awnings, etc.). It is even possible to arrange a small bathroom next door.

What materials for a pool house?


It is the flooring for pool house par excellence. Two main reasons for this, firstly because it is extremely resistant to humidity, but also because there are a wide variety of non-slip models. The latter is an essential feature for the floor of your pool house. Indeed, you are frequently required to go there when leaving the swimming pool, therefore with wet feet. Care must also be taken to make water-repellent joints in order to obtain a long-lasting result. Be careful however, it is best not to opt for a color that is too light, it could because you pain in your eyes.


It is one of the most used materials for building a pool house. It is particularly appreciated for its natural appearance which generally blends very well into the garden. In addition, it adapts to most styles of decoration, from the most modern to the most traditional, to the Zen and cocooning relaxation area. It should also be noted that the solid wood pool house is very easy to make yourself; in fact this considerably reduces the budget to be invested. The main disadvantage is that the maintenance of the wood must be regular if we want it to last and keep an aesthetic appearance. We will favor an exotic species which has a better resistance to humidity, but which is also more expensive.

Cinder block or brick

You can also start with a masonry-like construction, like the rest of the house. For this concrete block or brick are the materials of choice. They ensure good durability and solidity to the pool house. On the other hand, it requires the construction of foundations which complicates and lengthens the work a little. You can perfectly make a plaster to finish the construction and give it an aesthetic look. You can choose something similar to the style of the rest of the house or something different.


It is also possible to build your pool enclosure with stone. It must be water- repellent, because it is porous by nature, in this way it will better resist the humidity that reigns around a swimming pool. You should know that this treatment does not support stains from food or sunscreen. This means that its maintenance can be a bit restrictive. You should also know that in regions where the cold is severe, you may run the risk of breakage due to frost.

Aluminum or steel

For a totally modern and contemporary pool house, you can also dare to use aluminum or steel to achieve its construction. They are usually custom made and then laid on a concrete slab. The result is particularly elegant and refined. We also appreciate it because it installs very quickly, one day is enough to complete the installation. In terms of moisture resistance, you won’t have any worries.


It is one of the strongest materials that you can use for the walls of your pool house. Your objects and furniture will be well protect in this type of construction. Be aware, however, that it is more expensive and takes longer to build than a wooden shelter, for example. It is generally appreciate for its solidity and its resistance over time, but it also has the advantage of being able to adapt to the style and the desired layout. 

A few tips to consider

Define what you want to find there

The pool house can have a fairly limited function such as storing maintenance equipment and the technical room, or on the contrary be larger and fulfill many functions.

For a great pool house, we combine functionality, comfort and aesthetics. Start by defining what you want to integrate into your construction. Among other things, it is possible to add a bar and a barbecue, a relaxation area with spa, a garden shed, a covered terrace or showers with changing rooms and toilets. Some owners even choose to create a guest bedroom in this superb setting.

Ideally, the pool house will measure between 20 and 30 m2 in order to be able to accommodate all your desires.

Some notions of regulation

It is important to find out about the legislation before you start building or ordering your pool house. Each town hall has its own Local Urbanism Plan. It is in this document that we find all the technical and architectural constraints that you will have to respect.

In all cases, for constructions of 5 to 20 m2, a prior declaration of work must be made to your town hall; beyond 20 m2 it will be necessary to apply for a building permit. On the other hand, below 5 m2 you do not need to do any administrative procedure.

The pool house is an extension of the swimming pool, it is a place where you can continue to relax, where you can relax and have fun. It is important to clearly define in which materials you want to build it according to the use you will make of it, but also according to the style you want to give it and that of your house.