September 25, 2023

The temperatures are dropping and the puzzle of “what shoes am I going to be able to wear with this rotten weather?!” will start soon… Indeed, it’s not easy to have the right shoes when it’s raining or even when it’s snowing. Our solution? The Timberlands! These lace-up boots, intended primarily for lumberjacks, have become a must-have in just a few seasons. In the midst of the era of big shoes, the Timberland has the perfect shoes for winter. You are not convinced? Here’s how to wear Timberland in 7 mega stylish looks:

The Timberlands with a long dress

How with the trend of combat boots, the Timberland are big shoes that combine perfectly with a pretty bohemian and feminine dress. The proof with this look signed Veronika Heilbrunner who swears by this original duo but so trendy, original and comfortable.

White Timberlands

If you are a Timberland fan, you must have spotted the pair that all the it girls are snapping up: the white Timberlands. Laces, soles, shoes… Entirely immaculate, the lumberjack shoe takes on a whole new dimension. We wear them with a monochromatic or neutral outfit. Grey, black, white… In short, it’s the all-purpose look with a touch of originality. And for those who are not fans of white, they also exist in light gray or pale pink!

The Timberland with an androgynous look

In black, the Timberland goes with everything! Here, we like the jeans + denim shirt combo. An androgynous outfit that remains feminine and sophisticated enough to go to work, for example. A little something extra for the dark brown lined wool jacket reminiscent of the grunge world!

Timberland street wear

Casual version, the classic pair of camel Timberland is simply worn with basic black slim jeans. To stay in the “street wear” look, we associate it with a gray bomber that we slip over a big, very cozy wool cardigan. Effective for cold days!

The Timberlands with a fur coat

Turn the lumberjack look into chic city attire. In very cold weather, these extremely trendy mountain shoes combine perfectly with the elegance of a fur coat. As here, we stay in sobriety: an outfit with black skinny jeans, a very thick turtleneck to stay warms all day from head to toe and of course a pair of Timberland.

The rock chic Timberland

Yes, Timberland can also enhance a skirt! We particularly like the little rock’n’roll side of this outfit composed of a long metallic skirt and a black leather jacket. A feminine and comfortable look to wear both in autumn and winter!

The Timberland for men: a great classic

Being purely masculine shoes, the Timberland are therefore an essential part of the men’s wardrobe this winter and for many to come. Lumberjack boots are worn casually with jeans and a sweater, but not only.

The Timberland also goes perfectly with a preppy look. Precisely, their mountain shape breaks the slightly too smooth BCBG side of this trend straight out of the best universities in the United States and gives it a relaxed twist.