September 28, 2023
christmas centerpiece

This year, it’s decided, you want to create a Christmas centerpiece for a beautiful themed decoration. Your guests will be amazed and all the conditions will be met for a festive and traditional Christmas.

How to make your Christmas centerpiece a success? What to decorate with? We give you our decoration ideas for a perfect Christmas table.

The Christmas centerpiece: the essential element for a successful Christmas table

Candles, branches, decorative elements or even sequins on the tablecloth, all the table decoration contributes to creating a perfect Christmas universe to fully enjoy the party.

There are many ways to make a splendid Christmas table decoration.

In DIY mode or after buying a few decorative elements, you will be able to have fun mixing the different elements; tablecloth, placemat, Christmas tableware, folding napkins etc. But if there’s one decorative element that sets the tone for your table, it ‘s the Christmas centerpiece  .

It is partly thanks to him that children and guests will be amazed by your party decor.

So we are going to focus on making a Christmas centerpiece. In traditional version or in more design version , we give you our advice to decorate the center of the Christmas table  and impress your guests.

7 ideas for a successful homemade Christmas centerpiece

To make a success of your Christmas table , you don’t need to ruin yourself. Nature offers us incredible possibilities to create a superb party decoration, so why deprive yourself of it?

With a little imagination and creativity, you will see that you will succeed in making a perfect Christmas centerpiece that will amaze your guests. What to put on your Christmas centerpiece?

The natural foliage

It is one of the easiest decorative elements to find. And it is also the one that fits best in the Christmas decoration.

Fir branches, mosses, branches, dead wood, holly leaves, use nature and its wonders to decorate your Christmas centerpiece

The other choice of circumstance is the famous floral composition or the crown of flowers.

The Christmas table runner

For a successful Christmas centerpiece, nothing like the Christmas table runner .

Choose it in the colors of your decor. It can be red, silver, gold or even blue if you have chosen a colored theme.

Either way, it should match the rest of your decor.

And good news, a table runner is not expensive and there is something for everyone, from the most traditional table runner with Christmas prints, to the classic plain and colorful table runner. You even have some in naturally glittery shades.

The Christmas table runner is used to lay the foundations of the back decoration, a bit like a tablecloth, but in a more chic version, since it is often  reserved for special occasions .

It is on the table runner that you can install your Christmas decoration, your floral arrangement, your candles, your sequins or your other decorative elements.

Wondering how to make a table runner for Christmas yourself ?

Don’t panic, it’s easy and it costs nothing. All you have to do is create a table runner made of fir leaves, in the middle of which you will position other typical decorative elements such as candles or fir balls.

If you lack inspiration, do not hesitate to look at tutorials on Christmas centerpieces . This kind of tutorials are full of original and simple ideas to put in place.

The Christmas centerpiece with logs

Wooden logs are perfect for decorating a beautiful Christmas decoration. They bring us back to the enchanted universe, the forest and nature by offering a very authentic spirit .

Under the table or under the glass, the wooden logs will feed your centerpiece for a naturally chic effect.

The candles

Candles help create warmth and create an intimate atmosphere . They are therefore perfect to integrate on your table.

Mixed with foliage or natural elements, the result will be perfect for a chic Christmas decor.

If you have young children around the table, you always have the option of electronic candles.

For a chic decor, I do not recommend colored candles but rather the classic and traditional light of a white candle.

Another option: string lights hidden under fir branches. A great way to warm up the atmosphere discreetly.

The decoration in the vases

You certainly have vases at home. Big ones, small ones and more or less wide ones. Why not use them to enrich your centerpiece?

You can fill them with fir branches or bread cones with a candle in the center. The advantage of the candle in the vase? It’s that there are fewer risks on the tableā€¦ A good point when you have children!

Christmas balls as decoration

Another type of economical decoration: Christmas balls. We often have a panoply of them that we don’t necessarily use every year.

A few small Christmas balls in the color of your theme can be enough to decorate your centerpiece.

Snow bomb

For a traditional spirit, do not hesitate to add snow bombs to your foliage and fir branches. A small detail that brings a lot to your centerpiece.

In summary

  • For a successful Christmas centerpiece, use nature, branches, bread cones, candles.
  • Match the colors of your decoration and have fun!

You are now ready to decorate your Christmas table! To go even further, do not hesitate to look at the Christmas centerpiece ideas on Pinterest. Social networks are a wonderful source of inspiration.