April 11, 2024
leopard print

Leopard print is a bit like checks and polka dots: it comes back every year. For a few seasons, this feline motif has not left our wardrobe and continues to spice up our looks. Classic leopard, colorful and even sometimes fluorescent, it has not finished evolving. Focus on the essentials to wear the leopard well this season!

A wild claw hits city cars:  leopard print is back. This season, like the previous ones, marks the presence of a pattern adored by women since the 1950s, when it was worn by pin-ups. Today, leopard print likes to be clearly visible and worn all over, i.e. on imposing and showy pieces such as coats and dresses. If it has long been rejected and decreed vulgar, it is now over. On the contrary, black spots on a beige background have never been so famous and worn by influencers.

How to wear the leopard print?

The advantage of this fawn motif is that there is no real rule for wearing it well. On a leopard dress, a coat or even boots… The feline motif goes with everything. We would tend to associate it with black and gold, to give it a chic look. But more and more fashionistas do not hesitate to combine it with other patterns such as checks and polka dots but also with color:  red blue, electric, neon pink…

The other possibility is to wear the leopard with neutral pieces to precisely give relief to his look.

The leopard dress

Today, the leopard dress no longer stops at a single style and instead draws on the inspirations of past decades. The very mini version is obviously reminiscent of those worn by the Spice Girls in the 1990s. But the leopard dress has been able to diversify into more modern, vaporous and comfortable models, like the female silhouette of today.

The leopard coat

With new textile technologies, the fashion industry now knows how to recreate synthetic materials that are very faithful to natural ones. This is particularly the case with fake fur, which is more real than life. Thanks to this, the leopard fur coat has made a comeback. This winter, the Cruella look will once again be popular with these splendid leopard faux fur coats.

Leopard ankle boots

In the family of essential leopard pattern pieces, we will never forget the ankle boots. These rock’n’roll -looking short boots go perfectly with the wildest print. Moreover, from the 1970s, many rock stars appropriated the spotted dress of this feline and integrated it into their wardrobe in the form of accessories such as scarves. Today, wearing a pair of leopard ankle boots is enough to change the game of an outfit that is a little too simple.