April 11, 2024
loft bed

The loft bed for children is a very trendy sleeping solution that seduces with its originality and its many advantages. Both practical and fun, it offers a unique character trait to your child’s room. Here is an update on these advantages and the criteria to consider when choosing the right loft bed.

Presentation and characteristics of the loft bed for children

The loft bed is a bedding that is particularly suitable for children over 6 years old . It is a raised bed under which it is possible to stand up. This space under the bed can be used for different purposes depending on your child’s needs. It can be used as a play area, an office or a mini-living room in a teenager’s room. For optimal safety during use, the structure of loft beds must meet certain requirements.

The entire bed is fixed to the wall to limit the risk of tipping. On the 4 sides of the bedding, safety barriers are installed to prevent a possible fall during sleep. These protective supports can be designed in different materials: metal, wood or covered with polyester fabric. The loft beds also have a ladder to access the sleeping area. Fixed or removable, it has round or flat bars that serve as steps.

In single, double or triple versions, bunk beds for children come in different models. Two materials are generally used to make this type of bedding. With wood, you will be entitled to different options. Solid oak or pine guarantees a bed of exceptional quality, solid and durable. You can also opt for raw wood to be varnished or painted according to the color of your choice. Finally, the chipboard loft bed is an excellent alternative if your budget is limited.

On the other hand, metal is a more trendy material with a refined style. Although a big hit with teens, metal offers limited choice when it comes to colors. A metal loft bed can be gray, white or black.

To meet your tastes, children’s loft beds are available in different models. To choose a bed that combines aesthetics and solidity, prefer a French quality loft bed that will bring an eco-responsible touch to your child’s room. Some models have boxes in the lower part of the bed to facilitate storage, others offer a large space to arrange a work or play area under the bed base.

Advantages of the children’s loft bed

The advantages of the loft bed justify their great success with both parents and children.

Significant space saving

Saving space is the first advantage of a children’s loft bed. This is what justifies its choice by parents for the generally small rooms of their children. This piece of furniture frees up the floor space usually occupied by ordinary beds. If you opt for a mid-height model, a little lower, you can always slide under the storage boxes. They will allow you to put your child’s toys and books in them.

The underside of a loft bed is the perfect setting for creating additional living space for your child. You can install a relaxation area or a cozy living room. Equipped and lit, a small living room can be decorated with benches, cushions, blankets, etc. The available space will be perfect for setting up a desk that will be used for doing homework and reviewing lessons.

If your child is still very young, you can create a play area for him under the loft bed. It would be nice to build a small house or cabin there for his moments of entertainment. In this case, it is advisable to close the space with curtains. You can also store baskets, storage boxes for toys, clothes or books.

Secure sleep and a clean look of the room

Due to the restless sleep of children, parents fear for their safety on a loft bed. Contrary to what one might think, this type of bedding promotes restful and secure sleep for your child. In addition to a solid structure, each bed is equipped with fixed safety rails. They must respect the heights required for optimum safety. It is also recommended to adjust the sheets and duvet covers properly between the mattress and the edge of the bed.

You can also create a small leveling under the mattress at the opening. To do this, simply place a rolled up bath towel on it. This flattening creates an obstacle that will force your child to automatically return to the other side of the bed during sleep. If you’re still unsure, you can put a mattress or rug under the bed. In the event of a possible fall, it will be less brutal and less violent.

The loft bed for children is bedding that brings style to their room. Characterized by an original design, this sleeping area offers different layout possibilities. It also brings elegance and a warm atmosphere to the room.

Scalable and suitable for any type of space

The loft bed is an evolutionary sleeping solution. It is a very economical choice in the long term. Modular, the raised sleeping area accompanies your child until adolescence. As it grows, you can reposition the bedding. Thus, to meet the needs of its age, the raised bed can be transformed into:

  • mid-high bed,
  • low bed,
  • bunkbed.

Several options of modularity are offered by a loft bed. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 layout. The 2-in-1 modularity is ideal when you have two children. The youngest can occupy the lower bed, for example. It’s also a great solution when you have twins. This arrangement is also possible when the sleeping loft is use as a bed and as a desk or storage cupboard.

The 3-in-1 modularity solution, on the other hand, concerns parents who want to solve several problems with a single piece of furniture. The loft bed in this case includes the sleeping area, the desk or play area and the storage cabinet.

Criteria for choosing a loft bed for your child

There are several important criteria to consider before deciding to purchase a loft bed.

Height, an important aspect

Like the color of the wallpaper in his room, the loft bed for children must be chose taking into account certain parameters. First, you need to ensure that the height under the ceiling is sufficient. The minimum ceiling height for a 170 cm bed is 2.50 meters. There must be a sufficient space of 60 cm between the mattress and the ceiling. This prevents your child from bumping their head when getting out of bed.

You should also check the height under the box spring before buying a loft bed. It takes into account the size of the child and the fact that he will grow. As your child grows, they should be able to stand up close to the bed without bumping into each other. The more it grows, the greater the height under the bed base must be, hence the need to provide a substantial height.

Ensure security

Apart from the different heights, you must take care of the safety of your loft bed. Most models have fixed rungs, but they must be strong and meet certain requirements. It is advisable to favor a safety barrier 26 cm high starting from the bed base. From the mattress, the height of the anti-fall edges must be at least 16 cm.

Also make sure that the structure of the bed is solid. The fixings and various adjustments make it possible to avoid any risk of tilting and to guarantee a permanent balance. With a barrier of the wrong size and poorly fixed, a fall can quickly happen.

Comfort is paramount

The comfort of using the bed ladder is also important. Be sure to check its good quality and the solidity of the supports as well as the steps. Straight, lateral, inclined, removable or retractable, the ladder must remain stable and balanced. It is important to fit the ladder correctly to the bed. Finally, in terms of safety, ensure that the compliance of the loft bed meets the NF D 62-100 standard.

The quality of the bedding is another decisive criterion in the choice of bed. The mattress must be firm enough to support the child’s back and prevent lower back pain. It should also be note that like all bedding, the mattress or box spring must be renew when your child sleeps poorly. Ventilated bedding with a breathable cover is also more comfortable and properly wicks away perspiration. This type of mattress is an excellent choice for your child’s bed, especially during the summer.

Finally, before choosing a loft bed, it is important to precisely define the location that will accommodate it. The installation space of the bunk bed should not prevent the opening of the door or windows. This risks obstructing the passage, which does not optimize the space.