April 11, 2024
telescopic pole

The telescopic pole is an accessory that combines professionalism and know-how. Thanks to its maneuverability and lightness, this tool is extremely easy to handle for all your maintenance at height. By opting for a telescopic pole in the house or in the garden, you will no longer need a ladder and thus, you will work in complete safety.

Why use the telescopic pole in the house or in the garden?

The telescopic pole is ideal for all your work or maintenance at height thanks to its adjustable handle, in particular:

  • Cleaning ;
  • Washing ;
  • Maintenance‚ÄČ ; _
  • Or picking.

In addition, depending on the telescopic pole chosen, it allows you to adapt any accessory, thanks to several types of tips:

  • If it is a screw-on end, you can attach any broom: brush, squeegee, microfiber, etc.
  • If it is a conical adapter (usually supplied with the pole), you can, for example, attach a paint roller or accessories with clamping rings.

How to use the telescopic pole in the house?

As you will have understood, the uses of the telescopic pole are numerous. Some are specific to the interior of the house, in particular:

To maintain or clean stairwells

Have you ever tried to put a ladder or a stepladder in a stairwell? It’s a real puzzle, mixed with a balancing act! Thanks to the use of a telescopic pole, you will be able to reach the smallest corners, in order to clean them more regularly without risking your life.

To dust or remove cobwebs

Spiders particularly like to nest in inaccessible areas, such as ceilings. Depending on the height of the latter, it will be very difficult to dislodge them. On the other hand, if you have high ceilings, a mezzanine, a cathedral roof or exposed beams, it will be very difficult to access them. So, if you want to end your roommate with spiders, the telescopic pole can help you reach a height of up to several meters depending on the model chosen and the ceiling height you have.

This way, you can clean every corner of your home, even the highest ones.

To maintain the windows

Glazed surfaces are ideal for providing your home with natural light. However, whatever their shape (bull’s eye, skylight, stained glass, skylights, etc.), they require a lot of maintenance and are often difficult to access. By equipping your telescopic pole with an accessory for glass, in particular a squeegee combined with a dampener, you can easily maintain them.

How to use the telescopic pole in the garden?

As you can see, the telescopic pole is not just an indoor tool. Indeed, it can be very useful in the garden, especially for cleaning and maintaining roofs, for picking fruit, for maintaining the garden, but also for cleaning your cars.

To clean roofs or photovoltaic panels

Whether it is to clean or maintain your roof, your solar panels or your gutters and gutters, the telescopic poles will be of great help to you! And for good reason, these places are often difficult to access and require the use of a ladder or scaffolding. The telescopic pole is much easier to use and without risk.

Thus, you can use the pole to:

  • Clean and maintain all types of roofs  : pergola, veranda, canopy, etc. which are very fragile;
  • Clean and maintain solar or photovoltaic panels that require vigorous and regular maintenance;
  • Empty and clean gutters and gutters that may be filled with leaves or other debris.

To pick fruit

Fruit trees are usually very tall and it is very difficult to access the highest branches, which are full of fruit. In this case, you have two solutions:

  1. Leave these fruits for the birds ‚ÄČ;
  2. Use a telescopic pole to retrieve them.

To maintain the garden

Most gardeners will tell you that the telescopic pole is an essential accessory thanks to its maneuverability. Indeed, it offers many possibilities to make life easier for gardeners. For example, if you adapt a tree pruner or a knife saw, you can easily cut branches located high up. The perch also comes in handy for safely dealing with Asian hornet nests.

To clean the car or motorhome

Are you one of those people who collect gnats on the windshield? If so, you can say goodbye to them with the telescopic pole! You will no longer have any excuses for not having a sparkling windshield. And for good reason, thanks to the pole, you can reach every corner of your vehicle: above, below or on the sides, even the largest such as trucks or motorhomes.