March 4, 2024
ballet flats

Rejected by the younger generation, it remains one of the most purchased pairs of shoes year after year. Result, we still hesitate when we pass in front of these pretty flat shoes: should we dare the ballerina this year? Here are 3 ways to wear ballet flats without being cheesy!

Why does the ballerina have a bad reputation?

Super popular in the 2000s and early 2010s, the ballerina suddenly lost her place on the top steps of the podium. A loss of popularity such as July 14, 2016, Internet users created, with humor, the international day against the ballerina. But why so much hate?

  1. Like all dazzling fashions, once the trend has passed, it falls into oblivion or becomes an object of ridicule for those who still dare to wear it.
  2. Less flattering than shoes with heels which elongate the leg, the very flat ballerina tends to pack the silhouette and swell the calves.
  3. We have seen so many of them everywhere that ballerinas have become a real scourge of women’s fashion.
  4. Physiotherapists and podiatrists reject this very flat shoe which does not protect the joints from shocks and is not suitable for good posture.
  5. If you don’t wear leather ballet flats, watch out for the smell! It’s a real love killer!
  6. Ballet flats are much more attractive to women in their forties and are therefore rejected by young fashionistas.

With what to wear the ballerina?

If you were planning to adopt a total little opera rat look, we’ll stop you right away. To be modern, ballerinas must be worn with pieces that break their wise little girl side. Your best ally is therefore the infinitely interchangeable jeans. Our favorites are boyfriend jeans or 7/8s that show off the curve of the ankle.

The new generation ballerina

No more simple little shoes! The ballerina has returned to Miu Miu in a very couture version. Studs, ribbons, straps, leather… The Italian brand was inspired by ballet slippers to turn them into true fashion objects. As a result, these ballerinas have dethroned the simple shoes which had become completely obsolete.

The sling-back ballerina

To spice up the look of the ballerina which has been stagnating for a long time, it has been reinvent in a sling-back version. That is to say, open at the back with a flange that surrounds the heel. The height of chic, the sling-back ballerina is even more stunning with the pointed toe. It can be worn day or night and remains one of the most elegant pairs of flat shoes of the moment.

The ballerina with heels

To reduce back and knee problems associated with wearing shoes that are too flat, physiotherapists recommend wearing small heels, between 3 and 5 centimeters. That’s good; the ballerina with square heels is popular this year. A stable height, a support foot and an ideal BCBG look for the coming season, this is the program promise by the ballerina with heel!