September 28, 2023
boring machine

To be able to carry out machining operations in good conditions, it is necessary to use the appropriate tools. Among the equipment you must have is the boring machine. It is used to create surfaces of revolution using boring, milling, countersinking or drilling operations. In other words, this device is used for drilling, boring and milling. Do you want to buy this kind of machine? Zoom on things to know before adopting it.

What is a boring and boring-milling machine?

The boring machine is a device that allows you to perform several services: boring, milling, countersinking, drilling, surfacing, dowelling, threading, etc. This equipment comes in different types depending on the size of the parts to be made. There are models suitable for small, medium and large rooms.

For small and medium parts, a simple boring machine is sufficient for machining. In order to handle large parts, however, it is necessary to have a boring-milling machine. This horizontal boring machine is more competent and efficient in processing items weighing from hundreds of kilograms up to several tens of tons. With its feed movements, it can also perform various boring, milling and drilling operations.

In the market, a simple boring machine is more affordable. It can be easily handled even for novices.

On the other hand, the use of the boring-milling machine is more complex. This machine is more intended for professional use. It is also expensive.

Role of this type of boring machine

The boring machine is a machine that allows you to perform various machining jobs. Among these main missions, there is boring, milling, drilling and tapping. To learn more about the usefulness of the machine, read these few lines.


Boring is a technique for shaping the inside surface of a cylinder or any hollow part . This operation can be carried out with several tools such as a reamer, a lathe, a milling machine or a boring machine.

With the boring machine it is possible to work both large and small parts. This device is used to calibrate the dimensional accuracy of the part to be treated by regularizing its interior. On the other hand, it helps to improve the surface condition of the part.

To obtain better results, it is advisable to carefully check the cutting conditions . In this case, consider the rotational speed, material of the tool, and lubrication before purchasing one. In addition, it avoids unpleasant surprises during the operation.


Note that a boring machine is also used to perform milling. Indeed, this machine makes it possible to remove shavings of material in order to shape a metal or other part. With the rotation and displacement of the cutting tool or the milling cutter, the machine makes it possible to produce different shapes, even the most complex ones.

By having different types of cutters, the boring machine can perform various operations. For example, with a face milling cutter, you can remove a layer of material from a flat surface. With a concave and convex cutter, you can achieve rounded shapes. The groove cutter, on the other hand, makes it possible to make moldings in the material. It can shape 3 surfaces simultaneously.

With a powerful boring machine and milling cutter, you can achieve precise work.You can also mill various materials: aluminium, steel, bronze, stainless steel, titanium, wood, plastic, etc.


To make a hole, it is not mandatory to use a drill. You can also do it using a boring machine. Indeed, to make a hole in a part while having a precise diametral dimension, it is necessary to use a boring machine. Here, it is therefore necessary to use the technique of drilling by machining.

                       With the precision of this machine, it will be used to manufacture mechanical parts, watch parts and electronic parts.

However, it is important to check certain criteria to have results with beautiful finishes. In this case, you need to analyze the stability of the machine, the rotational speed, the power and the torque.


Tapping can also be done with a boring machine. Indeed, it is an operation used to machine a thread inside a bore. It makes it possible to make a smooth hole and to operate a thread there. On the other hand, the tapping of the drill hole is used to have a mechanical connection between two parts. Just check the type of tap suitable for the finishes you want to have.


Unlike other types of boring machines, the use of a horizontal boring machine has several advantages . His greatest privilege is the fact of being able to create machined parts of very large sizes. It is therefore well suited to the field of agricultural and industrial mechanics. This machine tool also makes it possible to quickly manufacture several parts. The horizontal boring machine also limits tool deflection. Thus, you can carry out precise and constant work.

By using a CNC or CNC boring machine, professionals will have no trouble performing different machining operations. This device can treat small, medium and large parts. Whether for boring, milling, drilling or tapping, the CN boring machines ensures reliability, efficiency and precision.

On the other hand, this type of machine tool equipped with numerical controls is efficient and autonomous. As a result, the man will no longer have to make a lot of effort to shape a part. In this sense, a decrease in fatigue will be observed, whether physically or mentally. This also limits the occurrence of various accidents. By having the possibility of carrying out uninterrupted actions, you will no longer be forced to practice painful and laborious activities.

A machine tool like the boring machines is also advantageous for companies in the industrial sector. Indeed, the latter will no longer have to worry about labor in order to increase their productivity. Thus, these establishments will not have to pay a large sum of money for the wages of many workers. This is therefore a solution to spend less. Occasionally, companies that use this type of machine tool can even increase their turnover.