April 16, 2024
nikko jenkins

Nikko Jenkins has been found guilty in a case of four murders. It was not the first time he had been convicted. This time, the sentence was much heavier and he is considered a serial killer. He is married to Chalonda Jenkins and his story has gone viral.

A death sentence and no reaction

Nikko Jenkins’ career is chilling since he had already been worried when he was only 7 years old. At that time, he was carrying a gun in his briefcase and he allegedly threatened several people who did not think the gun was real. Subsequently, the young boy was sucked into a downward spiral as he received a 10-year prison sentence when he was only 27 years old.

  • Nikko Jenkins was therefore serving a sentence for car theft and assault, but her death sentence falls on four murders.
  • It should be noted that Nebraska had not applied such a sentence for almost 20 years, this shows that the case of Nikko Jenkins was taken very seriously.

Justice therefore decided to pronounce a death sentence and its reaction was cold. Internet users were shocked to find that Nikko Jenkins was totally impassive in the face of the sentence mentioned. This is therefore very frightening for this man considered a serial killer.

Nikko Jenkins tried to plead insanity

If you watch the videos as well as the photos, you will see that Nikko Jenkins’ physique is atypical . Indeed, he has many tattoos including the number 666 which refers to the devil. He also has scars on his face, he allegedly mutilated himself with a razor. The latter would have been used so that he could scarify himself. During his trial, this man tried to play the insane card, but the psychiatric experts were apparently not fooled.

They considered the one married to Chalonda Jenkins to be faking madness. The judge even specified concerning the four murders that they were the most violent that the State of Nebraska could know. This also explains the sentence, namely the death sentence. If the latter has been abolished in several states and various countries, it is still in force in Nebraska. However, those sentenced to death can wait several years on death row