April 16, 2024
wedge sneakers

In full glory, basketball never ceases to be available in all possible and imaginable materials, shapes, colors and styles. The “plateau” or compensated version experienced a big boom, especially around 2012 thanks to the version offered by Isabel Marant. But since then, fashions have changed, so are wedge sneakers still relevant?

In a sneaker version with heels

This fashion, already outdated by 5 good years, still persists but is gradually dying out. Although in terms of fashion, what we love one day can disappear at the bottom of the closet the next day, in general everything comes back! Fashion is only an eternal renewal. And, although at the time, platform sneakers were super fashionable for women – black, white, Isabel Marrant but also Adidas or Nike – platform soles have made a comeback with either XXL soles such as Dad’s shoes or trainers with wedge soles, especially the straw Superga ideal for summer, or wedge espadrilles and wedge sandals .

Nowadays, however, sneakers are no longer so trendy when used as sneakers with heels! But in general, platform shoes have made a comeback, especially with the Balenciaga, Fila or Skechers, which favor XXL soles. So it’s never too late to invest in a pair!

In the form of a tray

We adhere to the wedge basketball when its heel is flat. Whether it’s lace-up or Van’s-style slippers like Jessica Alba often wears, it’s up to you. Either way, it’s a comfortable way to get high in style. Avoid patterns that are too teenagers like squares or skulls anyway!