September 25, 2023
yoni egg

The practice of the egg is ancestral and is focused on the search for personal fulfillment. The yoni egg is used by women as part of the search for pleasure, even orgasm. But how is this egg used and what is its usefulness? Find the answers to these questions here.

Yoni egg: how to use it?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the female genital organ. It is also the symbol of feminine energy which is called Shakti. It is an egg that is made of stone. There are different sizes made with different stones.

Traditionally, it is jade. This object is to be inserted into the vagina. This insertion should not be done abruptly or with too much haste. First of all, you need to relax. Inserting the egg requires you to be horny.

You can start by gently massaging your breasts and then the erogenous zones of your body. Focus on your sensations; this will increase your excitement. Once you feel lubricated enough, you can gently insert the egg. You can also use a lubricant if you feel the need.

Why use the yoni egg?

The yoni egg has several advantages. Above all, it allows you to tone your perineum. After childbirth, for example, it allows you to rehabilitate this part of your anatomy in order to avoid, for example, urinary leakage. Like geisha balls, it can allow you to spice up your sex life with your partner.

When your perineum is toned, it facilitates the contractions of the vagina and you will be able to give pleasure to your partner better. Likewise, you too will be able to reach orgasm more easily. It can also help you regulate your menstrual cycles and relieve your pain during your period.

This egg allows you to release your sexual energy. Most users noticed a big change in them. The egg allows you to reconnect with yourself, your senses and your sensitivities.

That’s it, you now know how and why to use the Yoni egg.