May 22, 2024
gaston's tavern

A The Gaston’s Tavern is one of the spaces to have one of the best ice creams to try in Magic Kingdom.

Gaston’s Tavern, get to know this restaurant better

This is one of The Magic Kingdom restaurants ideal for those who want to grab a quick snack and experience a scene from a classic Disney movie.

It is a quick service, that is, it has a one-stop service, you just have to go there and order.

Gaston’s tavern appears in the film when he tries to come up with a plan to get him to marry Belle.

In real space, it is possible to meet this character and take a picture with him.

Where is it situated?

It is located in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom, next to another good place for a meal, Be Our Guest Restaurant.

As this is another themed space from the Beauty and the Beast movie, it’s a good option to take the full tour.

Environment decoration

The appearance of space, no doubt, does not leave any detail of the classic animation.

In this way, there are several elements that recreate the scene in a very organized and beautiful way, as well as comfortable:

  • stuffed animal heads;
  • rustic chandeliers;
  • The dart game;
  • Gaston’s paintings;
  • Tables and benches or rustic chairs.

UnThe Gaston Tavernmakes anyone who enters feel inside the film.In addition, it offers delicious options to enjoy while enjoying every detail of the decoration.

The outdoor area doesn’t skimp on detail either, as the villa is fully paved.

In front of the tavern, there is a fountain with a statue of Gaston and Lefon, his friend.

A very cozy place

As in the film, the tavern contains the most yellowed walls and many wooden objects, which creates a cozy atmosphere.

In addition, the light of the place is reduced and has lamps that look like candles in candlesticks and a fireplace with a stone structure.

Take multiple pictures

In addition to being able to take a photo with Gaston, this whole restaurant is the perfect space to keep good photos.

It is possible to take photos with your drink, in the character’s famous armchair or with his statue outside, for example.

Gaston Tavern Menu

LeMenu of the Taverne GastonIt offers snacks and drinks that appeal to the palate of many people.

But the place’s most signature orders are LeFou’s Brew drink and the Warm Cinnamon Roll.

Beer for the general public, because it does not contain alcohol, can divide opinions.

Lefou’s Brew is an apple juice with toasted marshmallow and mango and passion fruit mousse.It is therefore an option to cool off on hot days.

Taste several delicious dishes

Apart from the most famous of the house, it is possible to find several options.For example, fruits, vegetables and breads.Thus, the menu offers the following snacks:

  • Ham sandwich with provolone and Swiss cheese;
  • Dingo Dome Cake;
  • Hot cinnamon bun.

You can also try chocolate croissant, roast pork knuckle and fruit salad. As for drinks; options include coffee, apple juice, hot tea, and water.

How are the prices?

The value of LeFou’s Brew varies if you choose the souvenir option, so you can take the Bella e Gastro mug home. But generally speaking, the prices range from US$ 3.99 to US$ 12.99.

Does La Tavern Gaston require reservations?

To be able to enjoy this restaurant, you must have a reservation and valid admission to Magic Kingdom Park.

In addition, both must be in accordance with the day you plan to go to the place and each person in the group, from the age of three, must have their own.

Pros and cons of this restaurant

Gaston’s Tavern is a great option for those who want a quick meal in one of the most classic Disney film environments.

In this way, the main positive points for going there can be highlighted:

  • Cozy place;
  • Large space for taking photos;
  • Decor very faithful to the film;
  • Good prices
  • Tasty snacks and drinks;
  • You can buy a cup to take home.

The main negative point is that this is not the place to have a full meal, lunch for example.

So if you are really hungry this is not the place to go.But it is ideal for a short stopover and a snack, especially sweet and refreshing.

Plan ahead before visiting the place.

It’s one of the most visited Magic Kingdom restaurants by Beauty and the Beast fans, as well as all of animation royalty.

So in peak season you may have to wait a long time for your snack.

Therefore, it is necessary to plan your visit in order to find the best places to eat in the Magic Kingdom .