November 29, 2023
mardi gras 2022

Mardi Gras 2022 is a festival that takes place in Orlando from February to March or April. They consider it very similar to Carnival in Brazil. Because it has almost everything the holiday there are even floats and lots of music.

What are Mardi gras?

It’s a fun event for all the public, in addition to recalling the Carnival. Thus, it is common for Brazilians to love this festival which takes place every year. Thus, it is very complete and everything is divided between:

  • Live concerts;
  • Cajun cuisine;
  • Night parades.

It lasts a long time, so no one misses this amazing celebration. So it starts the second week of February and lasts until April. However, there may be special times for performances and they do not occur every day.

Where is it happening?

It is still located at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Moreover, the place is part of a complex called Universal Orlando Resort. In this way, it is united with the Islands of Adventures and Volcano Bay parks.

All three form the second largest park complex in the city. With that, first of all, Walt Disney World continues to make its success. Above all, the environment also has several toys and attractions, with moments from Hollywood cinemas.

How much is Mardi gras worth?

To go to the festival itself, you do not need to pay any additional tickets.

However, tickets must be purchased to enter Universal Studios.

So the values ​​can vary a lot, but the favorite is the one that gives you the chance to spend time there:

  • Visits to two parks over three days: US$ 293 for adults and US$ 264 for children;
  • Three parks, for five days: US$ 324 to US$ 334.

When converting to reais, the price can be around R$1.6 thousand. However, some passes allow you to stay there for 14 days. In this way and they cost almost the same amount and provide access to all places in the complex.

How to buy?

During themed Grasp arty It is worth buying online. After all, they do a lot of promotions to spend more time in the parks. Thus, it is possible to enjoy parties for much longer, as they tend to have huge queues.

Another possibility

You can also buy it right away at the Universal Studios box office and pay less. So, you can spend around US$59 or R$300. But, the packages might not be so good and only give you one day to enjoy.

Mardi gras 2022 program

This year, several shows will be offered to the public on the Music Plaza stage. As a result, he has over 12 artists to perform. Plus, they’re all in a Hollywood Bowl-inspired outdoor location, so the list goes on:

  • February: Sugar Ray, Diana Ross, Bare-naked Ladies, Styx, Jon Pardi;
  • March: LL Cool J feat.DJ Z-Trip, Marshmello, Lee Brice, Becky G, Khalid, Seal, Gavin DeGraw, The Revivalists, Jimmie Allen and Jason Derulo.

The shows run from February 5 to March 27.However, this does not mean that the festival will end on this date. It therefore continues until around April 24, with all its attractions, with the exception of the performances.

Who participated in past events?

Every year, Universal announces who will be performing Mardi Grasthat year. Thus, there have already been several famous personalities to be part of the amazing festival. So there were some really great people like Jessie J, 3 Doors Down and Adam Lambert.


In 2022, in addition to having Diana Ross, there will still be performances straight out of Bourbon Street. With this; they will have exhibits every day throughout the park. There will be a lot of sounds coming from New Orleans at Universal Studios.

Mardi gras Attractions

2022 couldn’t be different without the amazing festival activities. Like every year, there is plenty to see and impress. With that, you can see everything that will be amazing for that date below:


As always, you will have many presentations to see your idols there.

In this way, you have a very complete program of shows from February to March to see everything. In fact, even Jason Derulo and Seal will be there in 2022.


For the “Mardi Gras Planet” theme there will be six floats filled with detail. Plus, the cosmic inspiration will give them all plenty of sparkle, with:

  • Comets;
  • rockets;
  • Aliens.

They will join the traditional series of other New Orleans-inspired cars. Above all, several artists will be brought together dressed in brightly colored gowns.

Food and drinks at Mardi gras 2022

There is no shortage of something delicious to eat throughout the event. So some of Universal’s award-winning chefs will complete the festival with delicacies.

Therefore, the idea is that they connect to different parts of the world.

Visitors who will be present on the date will go on a gastronomic journey.

Then you can try special dishes from New Orleans cuisines, for example. With that, what you can find on the menu are marvels such as:

  • Crawfish porridge and donuts
  • A sweet and spicy noodle soup, Southeast Coconut Curry Shrimp Laksa;
  • Vegan samosa with spicy green chutney from India;
  • Sausage potatoes known as salchipapas, from Central America.

Discover the drinks menu

A punch to remember New Orleans might be just what you need to get started.Thus, it is a mixture of light and dark rum, passion fruit puree, orange juice, lemon and grenadine.

In addition, it contains a delicious emerald mojito made with green tea.

For those who want to try it, there is the Goombay Smash, a Bahamian classic.

With this, it contains dark rum, lemon, pineapple and orange juices as well as Coco Lopes cream.

Finally, there’s Cape Guayaba, with guava juice, lime, fresh mint and New Amsterdam vodka.

How do I know where to eat?

Mardi Gras-inspired cuisine will also be at places like the Universal City walk. So some of those places are Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen as well as Pat O’Brien’s and Voodoo Donut.

Orlando hotels will join the festival with special menus at their resorts. So, one of the wonderful recipes to eat will be New Orleans BBQ Shrimp and Dirty Rice. it will be in Universal’s Endless Resort- Surfside Inn and Suites.

How to Participate in Mardi gras

It is very important to know that everything for the festival has the right time. Above all, they can change every year, according to the defined calendar. So these are the times when you have a chance to really get started:

  • Shows: 8:30 p.m.;
  • Party: 5 p.m.

By purchasing the entrance ticket to the park, it is already possible to be part of the event. However, food and beverages in restaurants are not included. In other words, you still have to pay for them, even with the packages you buy.

Pay less and eat more

There are more than 50 items to taste all the specialties of this year. Thus, there is a way to experience eating as much as possible. It is therefore an opportunity for those who like to try everything.

The food and drink card and cord is what gives you this big chance. Indeed, they work like a gift card at Universal Studios and you can buy them for US$65. So, it will be worth US$75 and the US$120 will serve up to a total of US$150.

How to get one?

Throughout Mardi gras 2022 you can exchange your card at any restaurant. Most importantly, the benefit does not expire and there is no limit to the guest purchase amount. So, just enjoy the novelty available throughout the party.