September 28, 2023
leather pants

Putting on leather? Heels? Flat shoes? When wearing leather pants, deciding which pair of shoes to pair with is not a very easy task. It depends above all on the cut of the pants, the style you would like to give them and your comfort. To help us solve this mystery, fashion is leading the way! Here’s how to combine shoes + leather pants in 5 ways!

leather pants With flat shoes

Flat shoes offer a contrast in size with leather pants, but we prefer them with a very trendy wide model this season. Here with a pair of sling-back style strapped mules, you can’t get any sharper.

leather pants With sneakers

Leather (or imitation) leggings and no shoes to wear? Easy ! All you have to do is take out the good old pair of white sneakers, essential for all seasons. We get a casual, sporty and chic look at the same time.

With army boots

And yes, you can combine two leather materials together without making a mess. Here, the Army boots contrast with the smooth and sophisticated aspect of the leather leggings and the impeccable blazer.

With ankle boots

Wide leather pant a little short on the ankle? It’s the perfect time to pair it with ankle boots with heels that will slender the silhouette and avoid the bag effect that flat shoes could give.

With pumps

For a classic look that never goes out of fashion, the leather/pump combo always works. It’s our go-to after work for alter-work!

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