September 23, 2023
Drug Screen


Drug Screen is a fundamental piece of numerous businesses, from medical care to transportation and assembling. Whether you are a business hoping to keep a safe and medication-free work environment or a singular looking to follow court-requested drug testing, I Drug Screen is your believed accomplice for solid medication testing administrations. In this survey, we will investigate I Medication Screen and the administrations they offer.

About  I Drug Screen:

I Drug Screen is a main supplier of medication testing administrations in the US. Established in 2007, the organization has more than 10 years of involvement in giving precise and solid medication testing administrations to people and organizations. With an organization of north of 10,000 assortment locales from one side of the country to the other, I Medication Screen offers helpful and open medication testing administrations to clients the nation over.

Administrations Advertised:

I Drug Screen offers an extensive variety of medication testing administrations to address the issues of their clients. A portion of the administrations they offer include:

Pee Medication Testing:

Pee drug testing is the most widely recognized sort of medication testing utilized in the work environment. It is a painless and solid technique for drug testing that can distinguish many substances, including weed, cocaine, narcotics, and amphetamines. I Medication Screen offers both moment pee drug testing and research facility based pee drug testing, contingent upon the requirements of the client.

Hair Medication Testing:

Hair drug testing is a dependable strategy for drug testing that can identify drug use over a more extended period than pee drug testing. It is many times utilized in court-requested drug testing and pre-work drug testing. I Medication Screen offers hair drug testing administrations that can distinguish drug utilize something like 90 days before the test.

Oral Liquid Medication Testing:

Oral liquid medication testing, otherwise called spit drug testing, is a painless and simple to-manage technique for drug testing. It can distinguish late medication use and is much of the time utilized in post-mishap drug testing and irregular medication testing. I Medication Screen offers both moment oral liquid medication testing and lab based oral liquid medication testing.

Breath Liquor Testing:

Breath liquor testing is utilized to distinguish the presence of liquor in a singular’s breath. It is many times utilized in work environment liquor testing and in consistence with the Division of Transportation guidelines. I Medication Screen offers breath liquor testing administrations utilizing the furthest down the line innovation to guarantee exact outcomes.

Advantages of Picking I Drug Screen:

Picking I Medication Screen for your medication testing needs accompanies a few advantages, including:

Exact and Solid Outcomes:

I Medication Screen utilizes the most recent innovation and strategies to guarantee exact and dependable medication testing results. They follow severe conventions and quality control measures to guarantee that the outcomes are reliable and trustworthy.

Speedy Completion time:

I Medication Screen comprehends the significance of speedy completion time with regards to sedate testing. That is the reason they offer quick and proficient medication testing administrations with fast completion times. They offer moment drug testing for certain kinds of medication testing, and lab based testing results are regularly accessible inside 24-48 hours.

Cross country Inclusion:

I Medication Screen has an organization of north of 10,000 assortment locales from one side of the country to the other, making drug testing administrations effectively open to clients the nation over. Their organization of assortment destinations incorporates both in-office areas and versatile assortment units that can come to the client’s area.

Consistency with Guidelines:

I Medication Screen keeps awake to-date with the most recent guidelines and rules connected with drug testing. They guarantee that their medication testing administrations are consistent with government and state guidelines, including the Division of Transportation guidelines.