May 22, 2024
business website

Almost everything that you can do in this world, can be done digitally. For example, shopping is now done online, socialising, through social media platforms is now done online. Getting advice on specific products can now be done online – and it goes on.

Now when we look at the website, we find that the list of benefits to having one for your business is numerous.

Currently I’m running a single business, but have run several over the years and so, I can see how beneficial websites have been. Many of the businesses that we can do today wouldn’t be possible without a website.

Whether you’ve only just formed your company or you’ve been at it for some years now, having a website could been more growth for your brand, which ultimately should mean more revenue. If you have a business without a website, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

1. Find Customers via SEO

One of the main benefits to having your own business website has to be SEO or search engine optimisation. When your site ranks highest in the major search engines, it translates into more customers and in turn, more revenue for your company.

If you’ve never heard of SEO before, then I’d recommend you consulted a professional or went out and purchased an eBook on the subject. There’s a lot to learn, but it’ll be well worth.

There are many courses that may peak your interest. There aren’t any that I’d personally recommend as all of them are good. Ultimately, it’s up to you, to put in the time and effort to fully grasp what you’re learning.

As part of your SEO efforts, you’ll want to find the right keywords to rank your content on. Any keyword you go for should relate to the content that you intend to rank on it, as this is the only way you can hope to rank for it.

It’s very simple, you want to rank as high as possible for whatever keyword search terms you’re targeting. The better the ranking, the more traffic you should get.

When searching on any search term, for the vast majority of us, we don’t browse past the first top 10 page results. Typically, we’re able to find what we’re looking for within the first 5 results.

One of the best ways to boost traffic to your website is to setup a blog section on your site. Then start discussing topics that are related to the industry of your site. From there you can recommend your services.

2. Credibility

In the world today, most people expect, for any respectable company to at least have some presence on the internet. For a lot of customers, they may be put off somewhat by a company that doesn’t have a physical address or a telephone number they can call, and this reigns true for a site that doesn’t have an email address.

All of this is vital for your business as it allows you to share information about your business and services directly with the customer, answering commonly asked questions. Additionally, if you have a site that is of good quality, easy to browse through and use, then it’ll make your customers feel all the more comfortable using your services, as this will reflect positively on your business as a whole.

3. Advertising

You can reach a wide net of potential customers when you use Facebook advertising or Google AdWords. These tools allow you to target, quite accurately, an audience for your service, making them much more effective than traditional methods of advertisement. Online and SEO advertisements are amongst the most effective ways to build awareness to your brand, and if done properly, you could see a significant increase in traffic to your site. You want customers to see your business before any other when searching for a specific service or product. You also want to make purchasing a product or finding your physical business all the more easier by providing that information on your sites contact page.

4. Save Money

It costs significantly more money to advertise in more traditional forms of media, such as magazines, papers etc. especially when compared to online advertisements. This, coupled with the fact that, traditional advertisement lacks the fine tuning and targeting of online advertisements.

Businesses that use a website solely as a brochure of sorts, rather than a means of generating additional modes of revenue directly through the site itself, should also witness cost savings, when everything is factored in. With online media being held up as the best for advertising.

5. Create Return Business

It’s very easy to lose a business card someone gave to you or forget the name of a business that recently interested you. However, if you save the URL address of a business that you liked, you can always return to it, whenever you need something that it supplies. In addition to that, such websites can contain a certain level of interactivity, along with Q & A’s and forum discussions that can all help build loyalty between the business and the customer. Making it an excellent benefit for your business.

6. Grow Your Team

Another advantage to having your own website is in your ability to grow your team. In today’s world, only a small number of people actually turn to print media when looking for a new job.

The vast majority of jobs are now advertised online, so using your site directly to build your team creates possibilities.

This means, not only will people be able to visit your site to find information about your particular service, and maybe purchase something, they may also want to work for you too.

When you post jobs to your site it can also help boost your sites traffic, especially if the job position you’re posting is one that many people are interested in undertaking.

Types of jobs that people may be looking to undertake may include graphic designers, customer service assistant, content creator and more.

There are job portals accessible to you, that you can integrate directly into your site, if you so please. However, many site owners like to keep things simple, and just create a small landing page where they list all their new job opportunities.


Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website