April 16, 2024
chunky sneakers

Years ago, you swore to yourself never to touch your dad’s sneakers. They were thick, unsightly and really not easy to match the trends of the moment. How things have changed! Don’t worry; you’re not the only one to have fallen for chunky sneakers or ugly dad shoes. These sneakers, both vintage and futuristic, have become real institutions. From sports brands to luxury brands, no one has escaped the chunky sole trend. And we prove to you that this fashion is made to last!

Comfort above all

No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves: heels are beautiful, but we much prefer sneakers. Sneakers are like slippers that you can wear outside. And since the return of the sportswear trend, we admit that we are not unhappy to be able to walk around only in our favorite sneakers. This is the number one reason why we love chunky sneakers and their extremely comfortable XXL soles. Perfect cushioning, flawless style… it’s hard to live without it!

A style like no other

One thing is certain: if chunky sneakers are everywhere, they are however not unanimous. These big, not very elegant shoes can make those who prefer thinner shoes with a more delicate shape cringe. We understand, but we won’t help loving these rather badass models. The advantage of sneakers with large soles is that despite this atypical style, they can be worn with jogging pants as well as with pretty floral dresses. Even better, they bring that unexpected touch to a boring country look.