March 5, 2024

Trekking can be a great pastime for thrill seekers and nature lovers. It’s an activity you can get started with simply with these few tips.

Start small

To be successful on your first trek, you must not tackle the highest mountain directly. It takes months or even years of preparation to do this. Start small to gradually increase your body’s capabilities. A short hike from time to time, a few physical preparation classes in the gyms, camping holidays, etc. : you are spoiled for choice to start with.

To each his own level

Trekking is a physical activity that requires endurance. There are different levels to explore depending on your years of practice. For novices in particular, the trails are easy and perfectly laid out, but above all with beacons. This guarantees you a little more comfort and safety. For those of advanced levels, experts can offer much more complex trails and circuits.

Walk in a small group

For beginners in particular, it is advisable to start the trek in small groups. It will be more pleasant to share these moments with other amateurs. Not to mention that it will be safer. Travel organizers can offer you different circuits in different treks, in an all-inclusive formula. Enough to allow you to meet other enthusiasts of your level. You definitely don’t need to do the trek with family or a group of friends.

Equip yourself properly

In trekking, the most important thing is not the destination, but the journey. Also, there is no point in walking too fast. Just follow your rhythm. This will also allow you to enjoy the landscape and your fellow travelers. It will be easier for you to find the right rhythm if you are comfortable. As Caminado repeats, you need to be well equipped to enjoy a good trek. In this sense, shoes covering the ankles, breathable clothing, large capacity backpack and walking stick will come in handy.